Custom Valve Solutions

Our Engineered Solutions Group offers complete fluid handling and pneumatic system design, development and production capabilities. As a leading custom valve solutions manufacturer, we are uniquely qualified to assist on projects where standard catalog components fall short and require a better custom valve or custom valve system.

Direct more engineering time to leveraging your technology; outsource your fluid handling or pneumatic control to us.

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Why choose Humphrey as your Custom Valve Systems Manufacturer?

  • We’ve been a privately held, Michigan-based manufacturer since 1901 and have supplied fluid handling and pneumatic control products since 1957.
  • We have 30 years of experience developing custom valve solutions and collaborating with client engineers on a peer-to-peer level as a fluid control system expert/partner.
  • Humphrey offers an extensive selection of proven custom valve systems and proprietary sealing technologies.
  • We utilize advanced engineering tools, including CFD, FEA, Magnetic FEA and SLA modeling.
  • We’ve maintained regulatory experience and process control systems, including ISO 9001 certification, since 1997.

The Engineered Solutions Process

With years of experience as a custom valve systems manufacturer, we have perfected the Humphrey Engineered Solutions development process. While we do the heavy lifting, you will collaborate and consult with Humphrey engineers throughout development. Here’s how:

Phase Discovery Concept & Prototyping Production Readiness Delivery & Support
Activities A series of visits and/or phone calls to capture enough technical, commercial and schedule (timeline) requirements for the project. Includes identifying any quality and regulatory requirements, and post-sale support expectations.

An initial project proposal (SOW), summarizing details and estimated budget, is prepared for review and approval by the client.

Sketches and drawings are prepared (at times more than one possible solution) and a design is agreed upon for prototyping. Multiple prototype loops may be necessary until a final working prototype is approved.

Phase ends with a customer specification drawing produced and agreed upon, capturing all technical, quality and performance attributes of the product.

A formal proposal is prepared to an appropriate detail such that a purchase order or contract can be issued by the client. Once received, production readiness activities are executed, including tooling and fixtures, assembly and test equipment, and part qualification submittals.

Often, a pre-production qualification cycle is scheduled and completed.

Production begins with the end in mind – to ship defect-free, on-time and as-promised to customer satisfaction. Follow-up visits are common, particularly meetings with those who live with the product after the development period (i.e., your quality and production staff).

We seek long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, earned through trust via excellent performance and service.

Milestone Acceptable Proposal Acceptable Prototype Purchase Order Acceptable Shipments

What Are Your Custom Valve Systems Requirements?

Tell us more about your application needs or call 800-477-8709 to speak with an expert.

Over the years, our clients have realized benefits from custom valve solutions in the following areas.

Design & Manufacturing Assembly Product Performance On-Site Installation Service
  • New product design
  • Cost (down) reduction
  • Component integration
  • Supplier reduction
  • Miniaturization
  • Reduced assembly time
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Reduced inventory costs
  • Eliminate non-core competency items
  • 100% tested
  • Enhanced performance
  • Greater reliability
  • Competitive advantages (form/fit/function)
  • Ease of use
  • Increased market share
  • Reduced troubleshooting
  • Faster installation (”plug & run”)
  • Reduced testing/set-up time
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced warranty costs
  • Reduced service costs
  • Serviceability

Think Inside the Box

Humphrey Products manufactures custom valve systems for pneumatic valves, actuators and cylinders for standard applications and custom applications. This video, “Think Inside the Box,” will show you how Humphrey Products has created unique custom valve solutions for many pneumatic application challenges.