Custom Valve Solutions: Medical

Humphrey Products has decades of experience manufacturing custom valves for the medical equipment industry. We’re a valuable outsourcing partner, relied on by hundreds of organizations for our pneumatic expertise and unparalleled mastery in the miniaturization of valves and subsystems for liquid, vacuum, low- and high-pressure applications.

Over the years, clients have asked Humphrey to develop products for oxygen concentrators, respirators, blood gas analyzers, surgical instruments and more. Humphrey even developed a product to pilot the pumping of the first artificial heart!

Patient in hospital bed with IV drip run by valve

Humphrey developed a custom valve manifold assembly to power and control the operation of a mechanical heart used prior to heart transplant surgery.

Medical device/valve  Sketch of valve being used

A special hand pump, also developed by Humphrey, can be used when moving the heart assist device untethered from the drive console.

PDF Icon Custom Valve Manifold with Detachable Hand Pump

Humphrey’s proportional valve technology enabled the customer to recover from a 50%+ production failure rate and enhance their competitive advantage in the adult, pediatric and neo-natal “all-in-one” medical ventilators.

ventilation valve Sketch of Doctor using ventilation valve

PDF Icon Critical Care Ventilation

Humphrey’s custom valve assembly for oxygen concentrator uses custom-designed piston/poppet valve with low current consumption solenoid valve.

A manufacturer of O2 concentrators for in-home oxygen therapy wanted a design that would increase flow rate. Humphrey designed a low pressure pilot valve that increased the flow rate by 20%.

Custom 320 Valve

Custom Valve Assembly for Oxygen Concentrator

Humphrey’s custom valve assembly enabled customer to provide more reliable and consistent pressure control in their resistance equipment used for physical rehabilitation.

A manufacturer of physical therapy equipment wanted a valve assembly that would have zero leakage and would function on many types of different equipment. Humphrey created a valve assembly that not only reduced leakage but provided a smaller package that resulted in a more professional looking equipment. Plus the customer has one standard manifold that could be used on each piece of equipment.

Custom 41V

Health care rehabilitation

Humphrey’s custom manifold assembly controls the pneumatic functions on a ventilator system used by the military to stabilize wounded soliders being sent to a medical facility at the rear.

A manufacturer of ventilators for use in respiratory therapy needed a preassembled system that met tight dimension requirements, critical performance specification and was compatible with the company’s existing controller, Humphrey was able to meet all of the customer’s specifications as well as save the customer in assembly costs.

MiniMizer valves on custom manifold

Respiratory Therapy Devices Used in Field

Humphrey’s custom valve manifold met the target flow, spatial requirements, low current consumption and life cycle performance.

With the custom valve manifold, the manufacturer created a lightweight, portable oxygen concentrator, eliminating the need to pull relatively heavy oxygen tanks with limited supply.

Modified HK5 on custom manifold

Valve Manifold Aides in Portable Oxygen Concentrator

When a patient is immobilized for a period of time, fluids can pool into the lower legs, creating the potential for serious medical complications. The pressurizing foot cuff simulates the action of walking by sending pressure pulses to an inflatable pad under the arch of the foot. Both impulse length and intervals can be set to prescribed limits based on the patient’s needs. The customer approached Humphrey Products Engineered Solutions team to develop a valve assemble that would eliminate leakage, enabling the device to maintain the prescribed amount of cuff pressure. It also needed to provide precise metering of delivery pressure, length of impulse and the interval between pulses — all within a minimally complex manifold system.

Three Integrated Solenoid Valves

Humphrey Products answered with a manifold with three integrated solenoid valves, which eliminated multiple connection points to reduce the possibility of leakage. The manifold simplified the customer’s installation since it was custom built for the customer’s unit. The standardized manifold is 100% leak tested, instead of having to inventory and assemble different components.

Valve Assembly for Compression Therapy

Modern anesthesia equipment consists of complex pneumatic circuits used to supply various gases, including oxygen. Because safe anesthesia is vital, the clinician must always have precise control over the gas metering, especially the flow of oxygen.

A manufacturer of anesthesia wanted to enhance the reliability of its gas delivery valves. Humphrey worked closely with the company to develop both the valve assembly and the quality control methodology.

Custom Designed P0156 Valve

Custom Valve Assembly for Anesthesia Gas Delivery

Humphrey’s custom valve assembly enabled more reliable and consistent O2 delivery from the customer’s home oxygen concentrator.

A biomedical manufacturer wanted to adapt aerospace oxygen concentrator technology for use in home therapy. Humphrey created a special diaphragm valve that delivered high flow, precise control and reliability.

Custom Diaphragm Valve

Custom High Flow Valve Assembly for Oxygen Concentrator

Humphrey’s custom valve module varies the mattress pressure at different locations to help prevent bedsores from forming during hospital convalescence when patients are immobile.

A manufacturer of special mattress systems for pressure management and patient repositioning to help prevent the formation of pressure ulcers had a concern about leak rates. Humphrey designed a custom valve that not only reduced the leak rates, but made installation easier thus reducing assembly costs.

Custom 310 and Vacuum 310 Valves on Custom Manifold

Custom Valve for Medical Pressure Mattresses

Humphrey’s twin custom valve assemblies control the operation of an implantable heart pump known as a Ventricular Assist Device (VAD). The customer’s mobile VAD provides a long-term solution for patients awaiting a heart transplant, and to speed their recovery.

A manufacturer of a range of Ventricular Assist Devices needed a valve manifold system that was reliable. Humphrey designed a complete assembly that greatly approved reliability. Humphrey also accelerated the development process, delivering functioning products in an exceptionally short period of time.

Custom 320 Valves With Unique Configuration to Fit Customer's Unit

Twin Custom Valves for Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)

Humphrey’s custom valve assembly enabled customer to provide critical pressure monitoring when delivering carbon dioxide and oxygen mixture to patients suffering from toxic gas or smoke inhalation.

A manufacturer of respiratory care and critical care products wanted to introduce a portable rebreather for emergency medical treatment of victims of toxic gas or smoke inhalation. Humphrey designed a valve assembly that met the critical response time and desired size requirements for portability.

Complete Custom Valve Assembly

Portable Critical Pressure Monitoring for Patients

Humphrey’s custom valve assembly enabled the customer to create a ventilator that met the respiratory care needs for both adults, and infants and young children.

No need for hospitals to purchase two separate ventilators.

Modified Insert Valve with MiniMizer

One respiratory care unit for adults, infants and children