Medical Valve Solutions

Humphrey’s Life Science Group has led with commitment and expertise in medical valve manufacturing for over 40 years. We’ve pioneered unique, customized medical valve solutions for precision pneumatic and liquid control components and systems, and hundreds of organizations now rely on us to ensure the quality performance of their devices.

Our experience in the miniaturization medical valves and subsystems for liquid, vacuum, low- and high-pressure applications is particularly important in medical device manufacturing. We develop products for oxygen concentrators, mechanical ventilators, respirators, dialysis, automated slide stainers, blood gas analyzers, surgical instruments and more.

We are a certified medical valve manufacturer and committed to offering an array of benefits, including:Low and leak-free valve designs

  • Engineer-to-engineer collaboration
  • Knowledge of requirements
  • Commitment to safety and efficiency
  • Dedication to quality

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Medical Valves for Oxygen Concentrators

Our engineered medical valve solutions are used on thousands of oxygen concentrators around the world to ensure long-lasting quality for a better way of life.

Medical valve products include:

  • Custom valve assemblies for oxygen concentrators
  • Custom valve manifolds for portable oxygen concentrators
  • Diaphragm valves oxygen concentrators

Medical Valves for Respiratory Devices

We manufacture a variety of medical device valves for respiratory care and patient ventilation equipment that provide precise and reliable flow capacity over a wide range of requirements.

Products include:

  • Proportional valves for critical care ventilation
  • Custom manifold assemblies for medical ventilators
  • Custom valve assemblies for respiratory care

Medical Valves for Diagnostic Devices

Our product portfolio includes various medical valve solutions for medical diagnostic devices that provide automation in a solenoid manifold structure.

Our diagnostic device medical valve solutions provide:

  • Material handling for cleaning fluids and expensive reagents
  • Precise and consistent staining results
  • Easier diagnosis
  • Low leak rates
  • Low power consumption
  • Oxygen compatibility

Valves for Medical Device Reprocessing

When the time comes to clean and sterilize a medical device daily make sure you have the right valve solution in place. Let us help you when superior performance and reliability are the gold standard you are looking for.

Our medical device reprocessing valve solutions provide:

  • Aggressive media compatibility
  • Completely isolated flow path
  • Encapsulated coil ideal for wet environments
  • Compact design
  • Very low leak rates
  • High flow rates
  • Several styles and options to choose from

Valves for Dialysis Equipment

Our product line includes diaphragm isolated solenoid valves used in hemodialysis treatment. Valves have a proven history for durability in dialysis equipment. Design is compact and high flow, allowing for optimal hemodialysis in both clinical and in-home care settings.

The iDP valves for kidney dialysis feature:

  • Wetted materials of a body made of Radel and FFKM, EPDM or VitonGF elastomers.
  • Heat resistance up to 203° Fahrenheit
  • Encapsulated coil for wet/moist conditions
  • Body types include inline and manifold mount options
  • 2- and 3-port configurations
  • Pressure ratings up to 80 psi
  • New servo motor driven diaphragm isolated valve MiDP for precise proportional control.