Early Innovations in Oxygen Concentrator Valves

Humphrey valves were on board in the first in-home oxygen concentrators to hit the market in the early 1980s.

The biomedical manufacturer that holds the first design patent for this technology approached the Humphrey team based on our experience with the diaphragm valves used in the first artificial heart. This partnership resulted in a successful custom diaphragm valve for oxygen concentrators, capable of delivering high flow, precise control, and reliability.

Since then, we have been the leading supplier of valve solutions for portable, transportable, and stationary oxygen concentrators. Our custom-engineered solutions can integrate with each new innovation and evolution in the market.

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Custom-Engineered Solutions for Oxygen Concentrators

Our Engineered Solutions team partners directly with manufacturer engineering teams when designing a custom valve solution. Through trusted collaboration, a combination of core skills, and aligned purpose, we can integrate our products and other elements to meet design requirements, easily integrate into production processes, and offer low costs to our customers.

Key Benefits of Working with Humphrey Products

Select from a variety of proven and unique valve designs and proprietary sealing technologies. Leverage our team’s 25+ years of experience collaborating with client engineers as a fluid system control partner. Take advantage of our regulatory experience and process control systems for medical devices.

Our Process

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We begin working closely on a peer-to-peer basis with your engineers early in the design process to understand your specific needs.

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We often present multiple concepts and will recommend a design that provides maximum benefits for what you need.

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We finalize the design using proven Humphrey valve technology and assist you in moving quickly from prototype to production.

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We implement your solution, measuring actual results to the original technical, commercial, and schedule expectations. We continually explore ways to reduce costs.

Proven Oxygen Concentrator Solutions

Humphrey’s product portfolio offers customizable flow rates, spatial limitation compliance, low current consumptions, and long life cycles for portable and stationary oxygen concentrators.

Our Life Science Group can be your single-source provider for all pneumatic flow control solutions in your next oxygen innovation.

Oxygen Concentrator Schematic

Popular Valve Solutions for Oxygen Concentrators

4 Way O2

4-Way Valve

Our Life Science Group can be your single-source provider for all pneumatic flow control solutions in your next oxygen innovation.

Purge O2

Purge Valve

Balance/Purge Valve

  • High flow in very compact construction.
  • Adjustable to exact requirements.
  • Low leak rate when in OFF condition.
Continuous Flow

Conserving Valve

Pulse Dose/Continuous Flow

  • Low mass, very sensitive to changes in applied current.
  • Adjustable to exact requirements.
  • Low leak rate eliminates wasted oxygen.

Ready to Get Started?

Humphrey Products lead the revolution of oxygen concentrator manufacturing, and we’re continuing to innovate today. We want to partner with you in improving the quality of life for those who need it. To learn more about our oxygen concentrator solutions, contact us anytime.

Real-Life Applications for Oxygen Concentrators

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