Custom Valve Solutions: Transportation

Humphrey has become a valuable outsourcing partner for hundreds of original transportation equipment manufacturers. We have expertise in a variety of applications including trucks, trailers, buses, locomotives, and agricultural and construction equipment, creating cost-effective, engineered solutions for a full range of critical control functions.

For example, Humphrey designed and manufactured the first electro-pneumatic train brake system, featuring electronic communications and a new range of miniature control valves capable of operating in excess of -45 degrees Fahrenheit. Other custom valve solutions have dramatically enhanced engine idle speeds, air-ride seat controls, suspension controls, lift axle controls and more.


Instead of mounting the door operator assembly under the dash, the manufacturer could mount it behind the headlight panel with access from the exterior.310 and 410 Valves on Custom Manifold

This simplified installation and made the manifold easily accessible for service.

310 and 410 Valves on Custom Manifold Custom Manifold Made Installation Simple and Easy in Tight Space

PDF Icon Door Operator for School Bus

Humphrey’s custom valve manifold assembly enhanced the safety and reliability of fuel delivery by tanker trucks serving retail gas stations and bulk fuel transfer tanks. A single three-position pilot valve performs multiple functions that previously required two separate valves.

Humphrey engineers modified a Humphrey TAC valve to create single three-position valve with lift up and hold, release to detent position and push to shut off. This valve, which replaced two separate valves, functions as both a master and a sourcing valve, supplying pilot pressure to the individual unloading valves.

Modified TAC Valves

PDF IconCustom Valve Manifold Provides Greater Reliability for Fuel Delivery Trucks

To help truck operators achieve better performance and improved fuel economy at highway cruising speeds, a major transmission manufacturer developed a way to electronically control the shift point in and out of top gear.Custom P4105H Solenoid Valve Assembly

The new assembly consists of two integral Humphrey solenoid valves actuated by an electronic signal from the engine, which causes one valve to lock out the driver’s control over the splitter cylinder, allowing the other valve to shift gears automatically at a pre-set point.

Custom P4105H Solenoid Valve Assembly Custom Integrated Dual Valve Assembly

PDF Icon Valve Assembly for Truck Transmission Control

Truck trailers have a mechanical device called a "slider," which allows the operator to manually adjust the position of the axles and suspension to balance the trailer, or shorten its turning radius for tight maneuvering.

Unlike mechanical linkage that often takes great strength to operate, the pneumatic system with the Humphrey valve requires very little force.

Custom Valve Assembly Using 3-way Valve Special Die Cast Valve Assembly for Truck Trailer Suspension

PDF Icon Valve Assembly for Truck Trailers

Humphrey’s custom valve module reduced the cost and time to convert truck trailers into a train, and at their destination, convert them back to individually trailers for highway travel.

Eliminating one valve and incorporating Humphrey’s proven cartridge insert valves reduced the unit cost, simplified the customer’s connection requirements and resulted in a more reliable system.

Modified Cartridge Insert Poppet Valve in Enclosed Valve Module Valve Module Reduced Cost and Time to Convert Truck Trailers to Train
PDF Icon Valve Module Reduced Cost and Time to Convert Truck Trailers Into and From Train Sets