Custom Valve Solutions: Process Control

With more than 40 years of industry experience, Humphrey is a leading provider of pneumatic solutions which control factory automation. Humphrey has particular expertise in miniature automation products and systems, as well as precision products.

As part of its industry innovation, Humphrey introduced the lowest profile rodless actuator in North America. Over the years, Humphrey has provided more than 10,000 original equipment manufacturers and end-user customers with high-quality, durable and extremely reliable products, from basic automation valves and actuators to sophisticated serial communication valve manifolds.

process control

A manufacturer of a float valve control assembly that provides automatic shutoff when the fluid level in a scrubber tank reached a certain point, wanted to eliminate components, reduce assembly time, and make more robust.

Humphrey designed a compact assembly that was not easily damaged that reduced assembly costs, eliminated fittings and improved product performance in the field.

Custom 125 on Special Assembly Custom Valve Assembly for Harsh Conditions

PDF Icon Custom Valve Assembly Designed for Harsh Workplace Conditions