Custom Valve Solutions: Analytical Instrumentation

For more than 30 years, Humphrey has provided leading-edge solutions to an array of manufacturers specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of analytical instrumentation.

Humphrey has particular experience in the miniaturization of valves and subsystems, creating products that optimize reliability and instrument size. Clients have asked Humphrey to develop an entirely new class of micro-miniature solenoid valves and accessories for use in inert gas fusion analysis.

Humphrey also created an innovative micro-miniature poppet pneumatic valve and diaphragm-poppet valve suitable for liquid, vacuum and high-pressure applications.

analytical instrumentation

The Humphrey A10 Series Pilot Valves have excellent flow of 0.01 Cv and a low 1 Watt power consumption in a compact 10mm wide valve body. The valves feature highly saturated buna nitrile seals, an encapsulated coil affixed to a molded valve body made of PPS. Sub-base seal is retained within the valve body.

Available in axial or perpendicular plug-in style electrical entry in 12VDC or 24VDC, these sub-base mount, direct acting valves have a life expectancy up to 50 million cycles.

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Note: Port 1 = Supply IN; Port 2 = Common Out; Port 3 = Exhaust Port

ventilation valve A1037P Half section

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A custom manifold developed by Humphrey enabled a major manufacturer of laboratory test equipment to meet their requirements for zero leakage in an extremely small space envelope.

The customer designs and manufactures a wide range of laboratory analytical instruments.A new device incorporated advanced automated technologies to increase accuracy and testing efficiency. The instrument utilizes a single stroke pump to provide compressed air to the instrument, eliminating the need for an air compressor. The miniature valves the customer originally selected proved to have contributed to an unacceptable leak rate.

HK5 on manifold to facilitate interconnectivity and minimize dead space Ultra-Low Leakage Custom Manifold Assembly

PDF Icon Ultra-Low Leakage Custom Manifold Assembly For Compact Analytical Instrument

Humphrey developed a custom valve manifold assembly with virtually zero leakage for a customer building test equipment that could detect and calculate exceptionally low leak rates in a variety of products.

The units are designed to detect pressure changes to 0.00001 PSI, then calculate the leak rate. Selected manifold assemblies were subjected to 200,000 cycles, and every 50,000 cycles the customer ran a precision leak test. On every test the pressure drop due to leaks was less than 0.002 PSI over 30 seconds at 100psi – the equivalent of a 0.0025 scc/min flow rate. This exceeded the customer’s specification by a factor of twenty.

MiniMizer valves on custom manifold Custom Valve Assembly for High Performance Leak Testing

PDF IconA Custom Valve Manifold Assembly for High Performance Leak Testing Instruments

Humphrey’s smaller custom manifold permits higher sample throughput for portable test equipment.

A manufacturer of portable test equipment wanted to improve the performance and reduces costs in its portable test equipment. Humphrey reduced the size and complexity of the pneumatic control valve manifold.

HK5 Valves in Pairs to Function as Single 4-way Valve Smaller Custom Manifold for Carbon/Sulfur Determinator

PDF IconCarbon/Sulfur Determinator

Replacement takes minutes, reducing customer downtime. This is a major benefit in a laboratory application where time is critical and tech service personnel are not readily available.

A manufacturer of a nitrogen/protein determinator needed to reduced the module size. Humphrey designed an assembly that reduced the module size, installation time and costs.

HK5 valves in custom manifold Minature Custom Valve Module for nitrogen/protein determinator

PDF IconUnique Miniature Custom Valve Module

Humphrey’s custom valve assembly is used in an automated analytical instrument to provide extremely fast and accurate tissue and fluid sample processing.

Customer required an extremely low leakage valve package that was highly resistant to a variety of reagents and also exhibited consistent and predictable valve to valve performance.

HK5 Valve on Custom Manifold to achieve low-leakage Custom Valve Manifold for High Precision Medical Laboratory

PDF IconA Custom Valve Manifold for High Precision Medical Laboratory Equipment