How Cartridge Valves Optimize Medical Applications

As medical devices become more sophisticated, size and performance of media control components are critical selection criteria.

Cartridge solenoid valves can be extremely compact and modular in construction, lending themselves to greater flexibility with pneumatic and electrical connections in limited space. Their unique design can eliminate the need for external plumbing, while reducing the possibility of leaks.

These flexible, reliable valves offer high-performance capabilities in compact applications, making them ideal for use in medical applications.

Humphrey Products Cartridge Valve Features

Our 10mm and 12mm miniature cartridge-style pneumatic solenoid valves can be used in various applications and devices. The cartridge valve is made to adapt and is an excellent choice for compact single- and multiple-valve piping solutions.

Humphrey Products cartridge-style valve features include:

  • Two-way and three-way types
  • Normally open and normally closed functions
  • High-flow capacity
  • Unlimited porting flexibility in compact spaces
  • Fast-acting solenoid response times
  • Lightweight, 11 or 19.5 grams
  • Quiet switching

Benefits of Using Cartridge Valves

Easy installation: Cartridge valves integrate into manifold blocks that are designed with pneumatic passageways, and eliminating need for pneumatic fittings and tubing.

Compact size:  Cartridge valves are smaller and lighter than traditional pneumatic valves, minimizing the weight and mass of the device or equipment, making portable applications and reduced material handling possible.

Customizability: Cartridge valves can be integrated in a variety of functions allowing for simplified system design and operation.

Efficiency: Cartridge valves are designed with a minimum internal volume. Coupled with custom flow paths and volumes within the manifold, overall system efficiency can be improved.

Ease of maintenance: The cartridge design makes removing and replacing valves easy, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Humphrey Products offers cartridge-style valves and multiple cartridge valve subassemblies that are fully tested and ready to integrate into your device or equipment.

If your application has specific requirements that aren’t served by a standard catridge valve, contact our Custom Valve Solutions team for additional options.

Red and white cartridge valve