What is a Proportional Valve Driver?

A proportional valve driver receives a low current or voltage input signal from a PC or PLC and converts it into corresponding power to control a proportional valve. It’s an effective tool for testing and evaluating proportional valve performance, or as a low-cost solution on fixture design.

Proportional Valve Driver Features

Our benchtop proportional valve driver has a push-button navigation configuration that doesn’t require jumpers or potentiometers. The handheld design includes an LCD screen that provides real-time feedback to make quick adjustments.

The flexible design is suitable for a variety of drive/control inputs or manual operation. Our proportional valve driver can integrate with valves from different manufacturers, too.

Technical features include:

  • 0-5v, 0-10v, 4-20mA or manual control input options
  • Presets for Humphrey models PV3, PV10, PC30 and Servoid Proportional
  • Screwless, push-button connectors
  • Compatibility with PCs, PLCs, IOTs and sensor feedback interfaces

Advanced features include:

Set zero flow: Removes dead band for improved resolution and valve performance.

Set take off: Compensates for low range voltage or inferior low end power supplies.

Set span current: Protects proportional valves from too much power if vulnerable to high current or voltage.

Benefits of Using a Proportional Valve Driver

User-friendly: The LCD screen and navigation buttons provide precision manual control. With manual settings, you can bench test any proportional valve of one amp or less. Transition smoothly to system-level testing by using the data acquisition system to control the valve through the driver. A proportional valve driver also makes it easy for you to monitor operations.

Precision control: The enhanced digital display improves situational awareness even in the most difficult operating environments. The intuitive interface monitors the solenoid valve and can respond quickly to input changes. The design provides signal linearization to ensure the valve responds accurately.

Versatility: Proportional valve controllers are compatible with proportional solenoid, pressure control and flow control valves. The programming includes adjustable parameters allowing you to customize the driver to your unique application.

Easy installation: Humphrey’s proportional valve driver doesn’t require tools for installation. The push button clamps allow for fast and easy setup and maintenance. The LCD screen also provides setting feedback for easy option selection, navigation and installation.

Industry Terms for Proportional Valve Drivers

Proportional valve drivers are known by a variety of different names depending on your industry, such as:

  • Proportional solenoid valve controller
  • Proportional solenoid valve driver
  • Proportional solenoid valve evaluator
  • Proportional solenoid valve operator
  • PWM proportional solenoid valve controller
  • Analog proportional solenoid valve controller
  • Digital proportional valve controller
  • Data Acquisition valve controller
  • DAQ valve controller
  • PWM solenoid valve driver
  • Pulse Width Modular solenoid valve driver
  • Bench top proportional valve controller
  • Proportional valve tester
  • Miniature proportional valve controller
  • Valve Driver

PCD Proportional Valve Driver from Humphrey Products

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