Learn About Our ProControl Proportional Solenoid Valves

Humphrey ProControl Proportional Solenoid Valves offer a wide variety of pressure opportunities for pneumatic applications. These proportional solenoid valves deliver variable control of compressed air or inert gases based on the corresponding input current to the coil.

Types of Proportional Solenoid Valves

Humphrey offers five different types of flow capacity:

  • Mini PV3 and PV10 solenoid valves: These valves offer precise control in confined spaces, cost-effectively. They deliver 0-32 and 0-75 LPM, respectively.
  • PC30 solenoid valves: Mid-size valves with additional flow capacity ranging from 0-225 LPM.
  • Servoid series: These valves are extremely precise and are excellent for various low-pressure settings. They deliver 0-200 LPM.
  • Balanced servoid: Stable performance regardless of upstream pressure changes. This solenoid valve is the industry standard for biomedical critical care patient ventilators.

Control Output Flow Options

Proportional solenoid valves can be used in medical, analytical, instrumentation, test, measurement, factory automation and process control applications.

These valves come with three types of flow options:

  • Selectable: Delivers unique output flow within each cycle.
  • Incremental: Adjusts flow at a predetermined amount within each cycle.
  • Dynamic: Responds continuously to downstream demands.

Proportional Valve Driver

Proportional valve drivers are intended for valves that run on one amp or less, regardless of the valve manufacturer. You can conveniently test, evaluate and use proportional valves with a proportional valve driver in real-time.

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