Total Air Control (TAC) System

Humphrey TAC System of Miniature Valves, Valve Operators, Auxiliary Components, Miniature Fittings, and Logic Accessories combine to create the industry’s most productive line up of pneumatic logic control components.

Pneumatic Logic: The use of compressed air for both the control and fluid power functions in the automation of equipment and fixtures on the factory floor.

Today’s simpler machine control, secondary operations, and assembly fixtures do not require expensive PC or PLC control. Pneumatic logic and sequencing provide a safe, simple, and reliable low-cost solution.

Based on their long life, small size, rugged construction, and attractive appearance, the Humphrey TAC, TAC2, and TAC3 family of manual / mechanical air valves are popular among design and automation engineers.

The wide selection is available in:

  • 2-, 3- and 4-way valves
  • Three sizes (10-32 UNF, 1/8 PIPE, 1/4 PIPE)
  • Spring return or detented actuation types
  • Variety of push button valve operators (air pilot / manual / mechanical)
  • Variety of mounting options
  • Auxiliary logic components include fittings, regulators, flow controllers, mufflers, and check, shuttle and quick exhaust valves

Consider TAC pneumatic components for your light duty factory automation logic and sequencing applications when PC and PLCs are impractical, or environments are hazardous or humid. TAC’s simple, building-block approach to pneumatic logic can solve industrial automation problems in a snap.

Our Online Catalog provides easy navigation to over 5,000 valve selections, each with solid model CAD files, product specifications, and support information.

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TAC Mini Push Button Valves

TAC Mini Push Button Valve Operators

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