New MiDP Series Proportional Valves

Humphrey Products has designed the new MiDP Series Proportional Valves (S390 and S391) to precisely control the flow of a wide range of aggressive liquids and gases.

The MiDP Series features Humphrey’s new stepper motor operator that allows for precise positioning and flow control, with outstanding repeatability and low hysteresis. The flexing diaphragm poppet design safely isolates the stepper motor from media penetration, while the inert Radel™ body material ensures long life and sustained performance.

The wetted flow path is Humphrey’s 350 Series diaphragm separated design, which has more than 20 years of proven reliability in medical industry applications such as kidney dialysis equipment and endoscope reprocessing.

Available with variety of diaphragm elastomer options, including FFKM, EDPM and Viton™GF, the MiDP Series Proportional Valves is suitable for a multitude of applications requiring broad chemical and temperature compatibility.

New MiDP Series Proportional Valves

MiDP Series Proportional Valves Features

  • Extremely repeatable, variable flow control; expect 2% or less of full scale
  • Precise flow control; hysteresis measured at <2%; open-loop control applications are possible
  • Not susceptible to cavitation or water hammer (liquids)
  • Low or zero holding current when positioned
  • Long life; expect >1 million cycles
  • Custom performance configurations are available (consult factory)
  • Inline/direct piping and Manifold/subbase mount bodies available
  • Wide temperature range
    • Fluid temperature range: 32°F to 203°F (0°C to 95°C)
    • Ambient temperature range: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
  • Best-in-class chemical resistance

Humphrey iDP Diaphragm Valve Series

The MiDP S390 and S391 join the 350 2-port and 370 3-port ON/OFF iDP valves as a complete offering to control hazardous gas and liquid applications, and are constructed with common materials suitable for:

  • Bodily fluids
  • Aggressive chemicals
  • Cleaning fluids
  • Elevated liquid temperatures

iDP Valves are field-tested and supported by years of experience in applications like kidney dialysis, analytical chemistry and hematology.

Our Online Catalog provides easy navigation to over 5,000 valve selections, each with solid model CAD files, product specifications, and support information. Find more information on the Proportional MiDP Series and explore our other iDP valves here.

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Complimentary Test & Evaluation valve samples are available for qualifying applications.