Mechanical Valves

Choosing a Mechanical Valve for Your Application

Humphrey mechanical valves are compact, rugged and reliable 2- and 3-way valves that provide excellent performance. These valves feature our rugged diaphragm poppet valve principle of high flow rates, reliable shifting and bubble tight sealing. We recommend them in your most difficult roller can and roller ball workplace applications.

Miniature, lighter duty applications are solved with our TAC series of 2, 3 and 4-way push button mechanical valves applied with or without convenient cam or roller ball TAC operators.

Humphrey specializes in the manufacture of:

Our rugged designs are used in sequential automation with operation from work piece engagement, with high flow output in single-unit production.

Our application and engineering staff will readily answer your questions, provide valve selection assistance, or discuss special modifications needed for specific applications. Call 800-477-8707 or fill out our technical services contact form for assistance.

mechanical valves

Roller Cam and Roller Ball Operated Valve Features

Roller Cam and Roller Ball Operated mechanical valves feature the classic Humphrey diaphragm poppet principle. The unbalanced, air-spring return design assures bubble-tight sealing and reliable operation in the dirtiest environments.

The rugged 2- or 3-way valves are available normally closed or normally open.

roller cam and roller ball operated valves

Plunger Operated Valve Features

Plunger Operated valves achieve high flow operation from its compact body. These valves are available normally closed or open from its compact 1/8 PIPE body construction. Plunger is forgiving with built-in overstroke protection.

TAC Miniature push button valves are rugged enough to operate as a mechanical plunger valve or are ready to accept any of four different mechanical valve operators.

plunger operated valves