Air Piloted Valves (Air Operated Valves)

Featuring the Classic Diaphragm-Poppet Leak Free, Trouble Free Air Piloted Valves

Humphrey offers design and plant manufacturing engineers, a variety of standard and specialty 2-, 3- and 4-way Air Piloted Valves that will address most any application, even the more difficult challenges other manufacturers cannot.

Operate Humphrey Air Piloted Valves with smaller, more efficient piloting valves located remotely, or coupled to outputs of work valves when a simultaneous function is needed. Link your pneumatic automation to auxiliary process control by pilot operating alternate media, vacuum, or very clean, high integrity air.

The Humphrey line-up is highlighted by our Classic Diaphragm-Poppet Series. Diaphragm-Poppet Air Piloted Valves feature Humphrey’s promise: Valves that “Cannot Stick, Will Not Leak.” Unlike spool valve types, this unique design has no sliding seals to stick or wear, even in poor, unstable conditions. Alternatively, many users take advantage of the Diaphragm-Poppet design to ensure their media and system remains clean, unaltered. Brass and Stainless Steel bodies are options for alternate gases and liquids, and corrosive environments. Unmatched performance and usability.

AirPiloted Valves

Pneumatic Logic – TAC System

The Humphrey TAC System of Pneumatic Logic Components include a number of Standard and Specialty Air Pilot Operators that thread on easily to the collar of any TAC, TAC2 and TAC3 Miniature Push Button Valve.

TAC Air Pilot Operator variations include our standard types and three specialty types, the automatic reset, time delay and auto reset / time delay operators. These standard and specialty logic functions overcome design obstacles to simplify pneumatic circuitry.

TAC Air Piloted Valves

Air Piloted Valve Types

Easy navigation to final valve selection(s), solid model CAD files, product specifications and support information is available via our Online Catalog. Should assistance be needed, our application and engineering staff is ready to answer your questions, provide selection assistance and discuss any special requirements or modifications not found in the catalog.

Other Useful Air Piloted Valve Information

Valves are either 2-, 3- and 4-Way and operated by a “crisp” remote pneumatic signal. They are used in conjunction with solenoid, manual or mechanical valves and are better choices as:

  • Slave valves in simultaneous functions
  • Lockout valves in interlocking functions
  • Safer choices in hazardous or difficult ambient environments
  • More reliable valves in poor or uncertain compressed air conditions
  • Transitioning valves from lubricated, dirty air to clean dry air or alternate media
  • Cost reduction opportunities: Air Piloted Valves are less costly, consuming less compressed air in many applications

Other common terms for Air Piloted Valves are Air Operated Valves, Remote Air Pilot Valves, Air Piloted Pneumatic Valves, Air Operated Pneumatic Valves, Air Operated Directional Control Valves, and Pneumatically Operated Valves.