Top Benefits of Pressure Balanced Direct-Acting Solenoid Valves

Do you need a compact valve that can achieve high flows, fast response times and tight sealing, no matter the media or pressure? Pressure “balanced” direct-acting solenoid valves may be the right choice for your application.

These universal, multi-purposed valves are available in inline, direct piping or manifold, subbase piping. Some specialized models offer protection against moisture-laden and dusty ambient environments.

Balanced Solenoid Valves offer several benefits:

Multi-Purpose Versatility – The balanced solenoid series is versatile with its many functions, including Normally Closed or Normally Open; 2- or 3-way; Diverter or Selector.

Optimum Performance, No Matter the Media – The series’ balanced poppet design achieves optimum performance whether the media is air or inert gases, clean, dry, lubricated, or contains some airline impurities.

Reliable Shifts, Tight Seals – Balanced solenoid valves neutralize internal forces generated by pressurized media. The shifting forces of the coil and return spring are optimized and need only seal the poppet to meet tight leakage specifications.

High Flow Capacity, Smaller Size – Balanced solenoid valves maximize internal flow path management. The balanced design coupled with an optimized solenoid magnetic circuit achieves significantly greater flow, within a reduced overall size.

Ease of Use – All electric and pneumatic connections of balanced solenoid valves are on opposing surfaces, minimizing total space occupied, and simplifying mounting and connections during installation.


Balanced Solenoid Valves can be applied to factory automation uses, packaging and testing equipment, as well as medical device and analytical instruments to accomplish a variety of functions.

Are balanced solenoid valves right for you? Whether you need off-the-shelf or tailored valves to meet your exact requirements, Humphrey can help you design or select the ideal solution. Browse our online catalog to identify the products that meet the requirements for your specific application. Or contact us at 1-800-477-8707 for help in choosing the best products for your application.