The Benefits of iDP Valves for Diagnostic Devices

Diagnostic equipment is used in clinical and laboratory settings to evaluate samples to determine the presence of a disease or abnormality.

iDP valves offer media compatibility and precision flow control to ensure correct diagnoses and help medical professionals obtain results for treatment options.

Low Power Consumption

Inert solenoid valves are designed to control pressurized chemicals and fluids from electrical power.  Actuation of the direct solenoid requires a sufficient amount of power to function properly and seal tight for thousands of cycles.

Our valves are engineered to open and close reliably using minimal power consumption.

Low Leak Rate

Diagnostic equipment used for analyzing biological samples requires precision to deliver accurate results. A leak can result in an error or misdiagnosis, negatively impacting patient care and treatment.

Our diaphragm-separated design seals liquid media tight when at rest and opens reliably when actuated.

Effective Media Handling

Humphrey’s iDP solenoid valve is engineered to control a variety media, including blood and bodily fluids and the aggressive chemicals and cleaners used to clean and prep the flow path.

When exposed to the most difficult cleaners and reagents, Humphrey’s iDP valve can feature an FFKM elastomer, a special rubber compound developed the harshest media. The valve is corrosion-resistant and provides long-term, high-quality performance, allowing you to perform repeat testing with safety and accuracy.

Diagnostic instruments must handle blood, urine and tissues with a pure flow path to prevent contamination of sample mixing and routing during analysis. An iDP valve can control both biological samples and reagent purging to ensure proper dosage.

Types of Diagnostic Equipment Use Valves

Medical diagnostic equipment: These medical instruments analyze bodily fluid and tissue samples and require special inert valves to be compatible with reagents used to purge, disinfect and sterilize critical flow paths between procedures.

Laboratory analytical equipment: Used for chemical analyses, this type of diagnostic device includes centrifuges, cell counters and chromatography systems. Temperature and media compatibility are critical for function and reliability.

Learn About Our Inert Solenoid Valve for Diagnostic Equipment

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