Super Quick Exhausts Enhance Performance of Air Cylinders

Humphrey Super Quick Exhaust valves feature a specially molded shuttle designed for extremely fast response when sensing upstream pressure differential, redirecting downstream pressure to its third port. We offer a size for virtually every need, with pipe ports from 10-32 UNF to 3/4 PIPE.

Our shuttle’s full-formed seating surface provides long life and outperforms flat-disk (sheet stock) diaphragms found in competitive valve designs. Because of its rubber shuttle design, the Humphrey Super Quick Exhaust valve prevents rupture without the need for flow-restricting metal body webbing of other designs.

There are many practical uses for the cost-effective, versatile Super Quick Exhaust valves.

Lubrication Problems: Small-bore pneumatic cylinders and actuators are often poorly lubricated due to the small displacement of air per cycle. Airline lubricant back-flows through the control valve on each exhaust cycle without reaching the cylinder. Oil traces at the control valve’s exhaust port does not prove proper cylinder lubrication.

To solve lubrication problems, close the nipple of the Super Quick Exhaust to the cylinder port. This redirects back-flow and allows progressive oil to flow to the cylinder.

Air “Spring” Return: Super Quick Exhaust can provide controlled “air spring” return, a potential advantage over the standard spring return cylinders.

“Air spring” return force can be adjusted by a regulator (1) while providing a method of controlling the cylinder with a more economical 3-way valve (2). Example of use: Cylinder rod (1) extends with high pressure for impact, and rod retracts under lower pressure.

Shuttle Valve: Reduce Air from 3-way valves (1 or 2) always directed to cylinder (3).

High-Low Pressure: Reduce noise, shock, and stress on the air cylinder. Extend rod with low pressure (1) to position rod with workpiece. Switch to high pressure (2) to lock, bend, or reposition workpiece, etc.

Other Humphrey Super Quick Exhaust Functions

  • Flow Control Valve: Close nipple Super Quick Exhaust air cylinder port. Restrict exhaust flow at Quick Exhaust port 3 and control speed of the cylinder rod by metering exhausting air.
  • Check Valve: Plug port 3 of Quick Exhaust for check function. Allows full flow from port 1 to port 2. Check function occurs from port 2 to port 1.

quick exhaust valve