Super Quick Exhaust Valve Applications, Benefits & Features

Our super quick exhaust valve is renowned for its responsiveness, extremely high flow capacity and long service life. This valve is designed to enhance the performance of corresponding pneumatic valves and cylinders.

A silver and 3-port super quick exhaust valve

Features of the Super Quick Exhaust Valve

  • Rugged, simple design
  • Engineered molded rubber shuttle
  • Long life cycle
  • Extremely high flow capacity
  • Quick dump of exhausting air for highspeed cycling
  • Versatile: function as quick exhaust, shuttle, check or speed controller

Super Quick Exhaust Valve Applications

This durable exhaust valve is well-suited for applications that require fast response times, precision pressure control and efficiency.

Exhaust valves can be used in:

  • Manufacturing equipment to manage the movement of robotic arms, conveyor belts and automated systems
  • Pneumatic systems that deal with compressed air to rapidly release pressure and control actuators, cylinders and other pneumatic components
  • Emergency stop systems to halt movement in machinery and help prevent accidents and injuries
  • Transportation systems to handle the movement of doors and other components

Benefits of Using a Super Quick Exhaust Valve

Improved response times: Systems can respond faster to changes in input because this valve allows compressed air or gas out rapidly. That’s important in applications where speed is critical, such as manufacturing and automation.

Improved efficiency: A super quick exhaust valve reduces energy consumption and operating costs by releasing pressure promptly and efficiently. It also prevents pressure buildup, which may damage equipment and cause safety hazards.

Improved Control of Media:  A super quick exhaust valve incorporated in system design can sense pressure differential and respond immediately with controlled redirected flow.

Longer lifespan: The efficiency of a super quick exhaust valve is designed to drop pressure immediately to reduce wear and tear on system components, extending the lifespan of the system as a whole.

Increased safety: Emergency stop systems and safety controls require fast response times. Use of a super quick exhaust valve can de-energize system immediately minimizing risk of risk of accidents, equipment damage and injuries.

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