Redesigned PCD Proportional Valve Driver Marries Trusted Functionality with Improved Control and Flexibility

The Humphrey Team is excited to announce the release of its redesigned ProControl™ Series PCD Proportional Valve Driver.

Like the original model, the latest PCD proportional valve driver regulates the function of proportional valves through PWM or constant current signals. New navigation buttons provide operators with precision manual control and flexibility for various drive/control inputs. The valve and interface can also be controlled with various data acquisitions, including PLCs, IoTs or closed-loop systems.

PCD Proportional Valve Driver Features

The PCD proportional valve driver is exceptionally versatile. Its customizable interface can control a proportional valve on your test bench for evaluation and then transition to a production environment. You can also integrate the valve and driver into your system and use your DAQ output for valve control.

Input features

  • 0 to 5v, 0 to 10v and 4 to 20mA input options
  • Manual input control via navigation buttons
  • Valve presets for Humphrey valve models PV3, PV10, PC30 and iDP390/391
  • Customized control mode for other proportional valves
  • Signal conditioning via linearization attribute
  • Screwless, push-button clamp connector
  • LCD screen and readout

Output features

  • Constant Current
    • 0 to 1 Amp
    • Dithering: 0 to 40mA
  • PWM
    • Frequency options: 500, 1.25k, 2.5k, 5k or 10k Hz
    • Duty Cycle: 0 to 100%
    • Dithering: 0 to 10%

Contact our ProControl™ application specialist at 1.844.447.9009 or email for more information and setup assistance.

PCD Proportional Valve Driver