New eGuide Highlights Valve Choice Criteria for Portable Product Design

More and more customers are demanding products that meet the mobility requirements of today’s dynamic work environments. When designing portable products, choosing the right valve can make the difference.

We created our latest eGuide, 6 Factors for Mobile/Portable Products, to give you a convenient “virtual checklist” for valve design. It describes crucial valve design factors for products designed to be deployed wherever they’re needed—without sacrificing performance. The eGuide also highlights some solutions to help you choose the best valve for every application.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Performance considerations for portable products
  • Factors for increasing valve durability
  • How custom valve configurations can overcome design hurdles

About Humphrey: At Humphrey Products, we pride ourselves on partnering with designers to select the perfect valve for every project. We’ve helped companies around the world, in a broad range of industries. With an experienced staff of more than 250 employees, we’re ready to help you reduce time-to-market, create cost efficiencies, and get your team focused on core competencies.