iDP Diaphragm Isolation Valves for Dialysis Treatment

Home hemodialysis continues to gain traction as an industry standard by providing the opportunity for more frequent treatments, possibly even while the patient sleeps, for a dramatically improved quality of life.

For over 20 years, dialysis equipment makers have chosen Humphrey Products’ diaphragm isolation valves as an effective and dependable fluid control solution. Today, they are the obvious choice of equipment meant for the home.


iDP Kidney Dialysis Valve Features

Constructed simply for reliability and with a variety of materials compatible for water purification, pH level control and cleaning fluids, Humphrey iDP kidney dialysis valves are offered in 2- or 3-port solenoid valves and either digital or proportional control.

Fluid temperature, flow capacity and maximum pressure ratings have been optimized for dialysis treatment, and the diaphragm isolation valve operator is encapsulated to perform in dry or humid environments.


How iDP Valve Modifications Improve Performance

Additional features for our diaphragm isolation valve meet the demands of more diverse dialysis applications.

New features include:

  • FFKM elastomer for high-temperature compatibility, including steam
  • Compact manifold mount type for overall space savings in equipment
  • Stepper-operated proportional valve for precision variable flow control of fluids
  • High-pressure option can control fluid media up to 80 psi

New attributes to iDP valves were developed to meet various hemodialysis requirements and have given us a high market share in the industry.

Humphrey iDP Valves Boost Home Hemodialysis

The Humphrey iDP kidney dialysis valves have contributed to the success of new equipment targeted specifically for home hemodialysis.  Their selection was based on a proven history of performance and reliability in dialysis equipment.

Recent features added to the iDP kidney dialysis valve series were a direct result of the needs of equipment for the home to improve patient independence and overall quality of life.

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