Detented Valve Parts and How They Work

Detented lever valves provide workers with easy control and consistent functionality. Learn about the components and styles of detent lever valves.

Internal and External Components of Detented Valves

This type of manual valve is characterized by the detents or notches used to fix the valve’s position in place until it’s manually returned to its original position. Detented lever valves can start, stop and direct the media flow through the valve body and are available in different styles.

Detented valve components include:

  • Valve body: This is the main part of the valve that holds and connects all internal components.
  • Lever: The external manual actuating component that controls the valve position, either opened closed, or in some cases to a center neutral position.
  • Detents: These cam or indenting features are located on the lever or stem and mechanically fix the valve into set positions.
  • Valve stem: The stem is mechanically operated by the lever and works with the seals to open and close passageways through the valve body for media to pass through.
  • Spring mechanism: An internal component used to create tension while holding the lever in place for the detent.
  • Seals: Rubber O-rings and other engineered elastomers are internal components of a detented valve. They direct flow and prevent leaks.
  • Ports: A detented lever valve can have two to five ports that serve as media entry and exit points.

Humphrey Products Detented Valve Features

  • Media: Air and inert gas
  • Number of ports: 2-, 3- and 4-way or 2- or 3-position
  • Flow coefficient:13 or 0.83 Cv
  • Pressure range: 0-125 psi
  • Port size: 10-32 UNF, 1/8 NPSF, 1/4 NPSF
  • Operation type: Detented toggle, lever and rocker

Model 125V Detented Valves

The 125V model is a compact two-position 3-way, detented lever valve with 1/8 pipe ports and 1/8-inch orifice. The heavy-duty valve lever has a straight-line 90° throw and can be positioned for optimal port orientation. The large, rugged toggle ensures stability and permits visual verification of the valve position. The actuator has 360° rotation.  Internal diaphragm-poppet construction is simple, reliable and seals tight in both positions.

Model 250V Detented Valves

Humphrey’s Model 250V is a 1/4  version of the 1/8 size 125V. This valve features a heavy duty with nearly three times the flow capacity. Internal diaphragm-poppet construction seals tight in both positions, making it an ideal main supply shut-off valve for pneumatic-controlled workstations.

Model 250-4H Detended Valves

The 250-4H lever-operated, 3-position, 4-way diaphragm-poppet model has a detented center position that vents both delivery ports to the exhaust port.  When the lever is switched to the right, the valve’s full 0.250-inch orifice opens to one outlet port, while blocking its path to the exhaust. When switched to the left, the pressure opens the other outlet port and blocks that side’s path to exhaust.

Detented Lever Valves from Humphrey Products

We offer a wide selection of detented and spring return manual valves with durable designs and high flow capacity. Contact our team to learn more about our innovative solutions and which valve is right for your application.