Achieve Efficiency with Humphrey’s Proportional Valve Driver

Proportional valve drivers offer precise control of proportional solenoid valves in pneumatic applications. The device is convenient for valve testing and evaluation, or for use as a control input interface on fixtures in production.

Basic Features of Proportional Valve Drivers

Humphrey Products’ PCD proportional valve driver is designed to interface with PLCs, IoTs and closed loop systems to control proportional solenoid valves, or to be used manually when testing and evaluating valves.

Humphrey PCD features include:

  • Control input choices: 0-5v, 0-10v, 4-20mA or manual
  • Presets for Humphrey PV3, PV10, PC30 and Servoid proportional models
  • A screwless, push-to-connect wire terminals
  • Real Time LCD Display
  • Signal linearization
  • Handheld design

Watch our product video to learn more information on those features.

Advanced Features of Proportional Valve Drivers

Set zero flow:  Removes dead band for improved resolution and valve performance.

Set take off: Compensates for low range voltage or inferior low end power supplies.

Set span current: Protects proportional valve from too much power if vulnerable to high current or voltage.

This video offers an analysis of each advanced feature of Humphrey’s proportional valve drivers.

The Benefits of Using a Proportional Valve Driver

  • Precision flow and pressure control
  • Quick response to input change
  • Versatile application across various industries
  • Real-time feedback for optimized function and energy savings
  • Convenient, easy to use device for operating proportional solenoid valves

Learn About Humphrey’s Proportional Valve Drivers

Our valve controller operates any proportional valve of one amp or less via PWM or constant current, or manually.

Consult our expert team to learn more about the advantages of our proportional valve driver and how the device design can suit your customer’s applications.

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