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Proportional Solenoid Valves

ProControl™ Valve Series Delivers Precise Variable Flow Control.

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Proportional solenoid valves deliver variable flow control of compressed air or inert gas from corresponding input current (amperage).

In 5 sizes, Humphrey ProControl™ proportional valves feature:  1) Low hysteresis, 2) Excellent turn down ratios, 3) Cycle repeatability, 4) Advanced “Servoid” Series delivers world-class precise control in high flow ranges, 5) New PV3 & PV10 Miniature Series offered.

PV3 0-30 LPM 2 watt 25 (1.7), 50 (3.4), 75 (5.2), 100 (6.9)
PV10 0-80 LPM 4 watt 25 (1.7), 50 (3.4), 75 (5.2), 100 (6.9)
PC30 0-300 LPM 5.8 watt 25 (1.7), 50 (3.4), 100 (6.9)
Servoid 0-200 LPM 8 watt Custom to 30 (2.1)
Balanced Servoid 0-450 LPM 8 watt Custom to 75 (5.2)







ProControlPCD: For valve testing or workbench use, consider convenient PCD proportional valve driver.  Produces appropriate current control, to drive any proportional valve (<1 amp) upon signal from data acquisition source, or from PCD manual scroll wheel.

Use ProControl™ Valves primarily to control flow:

      *   Dynamically - High frequency adjustments continuously (closed loop responses),
      *   Incrementally - Pre-determined low frequency adjustments within each cycle,
      *   Cycle-to-cycle - Selectable output flow with each cycle, as prescribed.

Expert proportional valve application assistance:

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Other industry terms for Proportional Solenoid Valves are Proportional Control Valves, Proportional Valves, Miniature Proportional Valves, Electronic Flow Control Valves, Electronic Flow Controllers, Analog Flow Control Valves, Solenoid Flow Controllers. 


ProControl PV3, PV10, and PC30


      Small 2-port
      Large 2-port
      Valve Driver

ProControl Servoid Proportional Solenoid Valve