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About South Haven Coil

South Haven Coil

South Haven Coil is a subsidiary of Humphrey Products Company. Formerly located in South Haven, Michigan, SHC is now based in Kalamazoo as a contract manufacturer with capabilities to create electromagnets, transformers, coils and wire harnesses in volume quantities for original equipment manufacturers. Using bobbin winding technology, several types of molding processes, wire termination, and manual soldering all made 100% in the USA.  

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Bobbin-Wound Coil Electromagnets Molded Coil Assemblies Wire Harnesses & Termination

Bobbin-Wound Coils
South Haven Coil has more than 50 years of experience manufacturing quality bobbin-wound coils. With our value-added engineering capabilities, we can design and build any variety of coil type for your application.
South Haven Coil is one of the nation's leading quality electromagnet manufacturers with excellent customer service and personalized attention.
Molded Coil Assemblies
Our molded coil assemblies range in size from <0.5in³ through 20in³ with material selection based upon customer specifications or chosen by our engineering team.
Wire Harnesses & Termination
South Haven Coil specializes in contract manufacturing of wire processing and assembly. From small to large jobs, our factory has the assembly expertise and value-added engineering team to provide wire harness and plug termination services.

South Haven Coil's value added capabilities:

  • Design, Analysis, and Development of Coils, Solenoids & Assemblies
  • Coil Winding Coil, Overmolding Coil Potting & Encapsulation
  • Wiring Termination, Wiring Harness Assembly, Connector Overmolding
  • Solenoid Assembly & Testing, Assy. & Test System Design & Build, Component Machining


Contact South Haven Coil:

5070 East N Ave.
Kalamazoo, MI 49048
Phone: 269-637-5201