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Proportional Control Solenoid Valves

ProControl™ Proportional Control Solenoid Valves PV3 & PV10

New ProControl™ PV3 and PV10 miniature proportional solenoid valves are interchangeable to previous models PC3 & PC10 and feature smaller size, improved flow and reduced hysteresis.

2 watt PV3 and equally sized 4 watt PV10 models are offered inline, direct piping and subbase, manifold piping in both 12 and 24VDC control voltages. Factory calibrated standard pressure settings of 25, 50, 75 and 100 psi round out the PV product offering.

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ProControl Proportional Solenoid Valves

Comparison New PV3 (Replaced PC3) New PV10 ( Replaced PC10)
Size (DIA x H) - inch .81 x 1.45  (.86 x 1.51) .81 x 1.45  (.86 x 2.56)
Max Flow (LPM) 30   (24) 75   (65)
Hysteresis (TYP %) 8   (15) 8   (15)

Other ProControl Models, Including Precision Servoid Series

With their selectable or dynamic control of media flow, ProControl™ Proportional Valves can be applied to a multitude of market segments such as medical and analytical, testing and instrumentation, as well as factory and process automation. 

Other ProControl™ Proportional Valves include high-flow precision Servoid Balanced and Unbalanced models, and mid-size PC30 series. With PV3 and PV10, Humphrey boasts five models with maximum flow through to nearly 500 LPM. 

ProControl™ products are RoHS compliant. 

Selecting, evaluating and eventually specifying proportional valves can be tricky. Humphrey offers application assistance throughout this process to ensure you achieve the best results. Call 844-447-9009 or email    

For more information on our ProControl™ series, visit our Online Catalog or download literature:

Complimentary Test & Evaluation valve samples are available for qualifying applications.

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