Humphrey L130 Latching Solenoid Valves

L310 Latching Solenoid Valve Series

L310 Latching Solenoid ValveThe L310 Latching Solenoid Valve Series is developed from the proven advanced Humphrey technology of the balanced-poppet direct-acting solenoid valve design.  The latching technology is optimized for applications that demand low power consumption and low heat generation.

Energy Savings: Standard single solenoid valves require electrical power while holding the valve in the energized position. A 50 millisecond pulse of the solenoid fully shifts the L310 from one position to the other. Power is removed and the latching function holds the solenoid and valve positioned, thereby offering significant energy savings. The valve remains in that position until another 50 millisecond electrical pulse, of opposite polarity, is applied. This is particularly beneficial in applications where a valve remains open for long periods of time, such as remote applications, where the valve is battery powered, or where continuous power supply is limited.

Heat Rise Minimized: Standard single solenoid valve designs generate heat while in the energized state. Since the L310 does not require energy to maintain the state, the heat rise is temporary and minimized. The L310 is ideal for applications where the effect of the temperature is a concern.

Multiple Purpose: The L310 is of a balanced construction and therefore suitable for vacuum or pressures up to 80 PSIG, as normally closed or normally open function. Plug either the 1 or 3 port for 2-way service. Consult factory for diverter and selector functions. The L310 can be used on the 410M Manifold in conjunction with or without Humphrey's 310 and 410 series valves.

Electrical Control: The L310 is a two-wire latching valve. This requires the electrical current to travel in one direction to open the flow state and another direction to close the flow state. Either of these control circuits will accomplish this function.

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