Humphrey History 1901-Today

Humphrey History 1901-Today

1901 to 1920

  •   Alfred Humphrey opens General Gas Light Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan, marketing new, inverted arc gaslights.
  •   Opens offices in San Francisco, New York, Havana, London, and Bremen. Soon, more than a million Humphrey arcs light homes, stores, factories and city streets.
  •   Invents Radiantfire, a clean and odorless heating unit for fireplaces.

1920 to 1940

  •  Humphrey employs more than 300 people producing 150,000 heaters a year, adding to the more than 700,000 Radiantfire products already in the marketplace.
  •  Creates the Radiantfire Humphrey Rotisserie, a commercial barbecue.
  •  Creates the first gas-fired overhead heater, a revolutionary method of space heating still used today.
  •  Redesigns arc gaslight for use with liquid petroleum propane gas. The gaslight is used in recreational vehicles, homes, cottages and cabins where electricity is not available.

1940 to 1960

  •  Manufactures equipment for military use during World War II.
  •  Sells heating division of business to focus on pneumatics technologies.
  •  Builds new manufacturing plant in Kalamazoo.

1960 to 1980

  •  Forms strategic alliance with Koganei, a leading manufacturer of pneumatic products, to manufacture Humphrey valves in Japan.
  •  Creates an increasingly sophisticated and ever-expanding line of valves to serve an array of industries.
  •  Purchases Starz Cylinders.

1980 to 1990

  •  Officially changes name to Humphrey Products.
  •  Purchases South Haven Coil to manufacture electrical and electronic components.
  •  Establishes Humphrey Fluid Power in Markham, Ontario to serve the Canadian provinces.

1990 to 2000

  •  Launches DaVinci Engineering group, offering customized, engineered solutions to clients.
  •  Introduces Humphrey "H-Series" product line with Koganei Corporation.
  •  Introduces Humphrey, a 90-pound Golden Retriever, as company pet and mascot.
  •  Purchases Concept Manufacturing in Plainwell, MI.
  •  Obtains ISO 9001 certification.
  •  Incorporates DaVinci engineering concept corporate-wide, offering all clients full-service, engineered solutions.

2000 to 2010

  •  DaVinci Engineering is incorporated into Humphrey's total business development approach which is known as Engineered Solutions.
  •  All three manufacturing sites: Humphrey Products, South Haven Coil and Concept Manufacturing are registered under the same scope to the ISO9000:2000 Standard.
  • Concept Manufacturing becomes part of Humphrey and moves its production to the Humphrey location on Kilgore and Sprinkle Roads.
  • Obtains ISO 9001:2008 certification.
  • Obtains ISO 13485:2003 certification.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

2010 to Today

  • Humphrey acquires the medical valve product line from Curtiss-Wright Corporation.
  • The Humphrey Cylinder is divested, and Humphrey becomes focused on innovative valves and valve systems.
  • South Haven Coil becomes part of Humphrey and moves its production to the Humphrey location at Kilgore and Sprinkle Roads.
  • Obtains ISO 9001:2015 certification.