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Proportional Solenoid Valves

ProControl™ Electronic Flow Control Valves to Deliver Precise Flow Control.

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Humphrey ProControl™ Series of proportional solenoid valves offers design engineers variable flow control of compressed air or inert gas from a corresponding input current (amperage). ProControl™ features low hysteresis, excellent turn down ratios and cycle repeatability. Used in a wide variety of media control applications from medical device and analytical instruments, to factory automation, packaging, and mobile equipment. In application, our clients vary ProControl™ output flow:

      *   Dynamically - High frequency adjustments (closed loop responses)
      *   Incrementally - Low frequency adjustments within each cycle
      *   Cycle-to-cycle - Output flow adjusted per cycle, as perscribed

The original ProControl™ Series offers several two-port models over three sizes, and at calibrated standard pressure settings of 25, 50 and 100 psi. The advanced ProControl™ “Servoid” delivers world-class precise control, excellent repeatability and very low hysteresis.

To control your valve, consider ProControl™ PCD, our proportional solenoid valve driver. With PCD, users control each valve manually or from various control logics, such as PC’s and PLC’s, while powering the valve through PCD with 12 or 24V DC power supply.

Navigate to your ProControl™ valve selection, and its solid model CAD files, product specifications, and support information via our Online Catalog.  Should assistance be needed, our application and engineering staff is ready to answer your questions, provide selection assistance and discuss any special requirements and modifications not found in the catalog.

Check out our ProControl™ Series video:

ProControl Family Video

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