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Quality Control Supervisor

Quality Control Supervisor Expectations:

  • Will have a fundamental understanding of quality philosophies, principles, systems, methods, tools, standards.
  • Will understand organizational and team dynamics, customer expectations and satisfaction, supplier relations and performance,
    training, interpersonal relationships, and professional ethics.
  • Will have a fundamental understanding of a quality system and its development, documentation and implementation to domestic,
    ISO 9001 and related standards.
  • Will be able to implement quality programs, including tracking, analyzing, reporting and problem solving.
  • Will be able to plan, control and assure product and process quality in accordance with quality principles, which include planning
    processes, material control, acceptance sampling, measurement systems and SPC.
  • Understands problem-solving and quality improvement tools and techniques. This includes knowledge of management and planning
    tools, quality tools, preventive, predictive and corrective actions, and how to overcome barriers to quality improvements.
  • Will be able to acquire and analyze data using appropriate standard quantitative methods across a spectrum of business environments
    to facilitate process analysis and improvements.

Education and/or Experience:

Must have four years of on-the-job experience in one or more of the areas of quality engineering and or management. Certified Quality
Engineering status is a major plus for this position.

A minimum of two years of this experience must be in a decision-making position. “Decision-making” is defined as the authority to define,
execute, or control projects, processes and to be responsible for the outcome.  

General Job Responsibilities:

       I. Oversee day-to-day operation of Inspection and Calibration departments assisting in setting priorities, clearing constraints
          and roadblocks and providing additional general assistance as required.

      II. Supervise assigned Inspection and Calibration Quality technician including job evaluations, discipline, development,
          and pay advancement considerations.

    III. Review/approve documents related to quality inspections and resolution of non-conformances.

    IV. Participate in interactions with customers regarding production part quality issues and initial run review
         and approval processes i.e. PPAP (Production Part Approval Process).

     V. Participate in the maintenance and continuous improvement of Quality initiatives including:

A. Establishing Process Control Plans used for in sampling/charting Inspection and Calibration systems.
B. Reducing the cost of Quality by assisting in efforts to reduce scrap and returns.
C. Gemba walks
D. Generate and update procedures related to Quality operations.

    VI. Support the drive for more predictive and preventative quality focus vs maintenance and reactionary quality

A. Support APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) as we move in this direction on new product programs.
B. Attend Design and Process review meetings as needed.
C. Move to systems audit and evaluation at points of manufacture vs inspection after manufacture for both MCN 
    situations and for new part numbers being run and qualified.

   VII. Reports to Quality Manager on planning, and status of quality system objectives and monitoring.

 VIII.  Must be able to multi-task effectively and work with a sense of urgency.


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