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Achieve Efficiency with Humphrey’s Proportional Valve Driver

Proportional valve drivers offer precise control of proportional solenoid valves in pneumatic applications. The device is convenient for valve testing and evaluation, or for use as a control input interface on fixtures in production.

Basic Features of Proportional Valve Drivers

Humphrey Products’ PCD proportional valve driver is designed to interface with PLCs, IoTs and closed loop systems to control proportional solenoid valves, or to be used manually when testing and evaluating valves.

Humphrey PCD features include:

  • Control input choices: 0-5v, 0-10v, 4-20mA or manual
  • Presets for Humphrey PV3, PV10, PC30 and Servoid proportional models
  • A screwless, push-to-connect wire terminals
  • Real Time LCD Display
  • Signal linearization
  • Handheld design

Watch our product video to learn more information on those features.

Advanced Features of Proportional Valve Drivers

Set zero flow:  Removes dead band for improved resolution and valve performance.

Set take off: Compensates for low range voltage or inferior low end power supplies.

Set span current: Protects proportional valve from too much power if vulnerable to high current or voltage.

This video offers an analysis of each advanced feature of Humphrey’s proportional valve drivers.

The Benefits of Using a Proportional Valve Driver

  • Precision flow and pressure control
  • Quick response to input change
  • Versatile application across various industries
  • Real-time feedback for optimized function and energy savings
  • Convenient, easy to use device for operating proportional solenoid valves

Learn About Humphrey’s Proportional Valve Drivers

Our valve controller operates any proportional valve of one amp or less via PWM or constant current, or manually.

Consult our expert team to learn more about the advantages of our proportional valve driver and how the device design can suit your customer’s applications.

Call 1-800-477-8707 or contact us online for more information.

Proportional Valve Driver

Humphrey Products to Attend COMPAMED 2023

Humphrey Products has built its reputation on a wide assortment of custom valve solutions for media-handling components and valves in the medical industry. The team will feature those applications at COMPAMED 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany, from November 13 to 16.

Humphrey Products will host a display in Hall 8B, booth G20-1, to showcase its liquid handling and valve applications. The product lineup will include:

The team will also feature MiDP, the new stepper motor-driven proportional valve developed to precisely control the delivery of aggressive chemicals and reagents.

Call 1-800-477-8707 or contact Humphrey Products online for product and service information.


Humphrey is recognized as a leading producer of pneumatic and liquid control products, serving organizations worldwide. Our expertise in a wide range of industries is based on technologies proven in our range of solenoid valve and specialty valve products, enabling us to engineer unique solutions for medical, analytical, test and measurement, commercial and industrial applications.

Headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, we have an experienced staff of more than 200 employees. We serve customers globally through a network of authorized distributors located around the world.


COMPAMED is the leading international trade fair for the supplier market and medical manufacturing. The fair is geared toward focusing on diversity to shape the future of medical technology. It also serves as a hub where medical professionals and manufacturers can meet and network.


How Cartridge Valves Optimize Medical Applications

As medical devices become more sophisticated, size and performance of media control components are critical selection criteria.

Cartridge solenoid valves can be extremely compact and modular in construction, lending themselves to greater flexibility with pneumatic and electrical connections in limited space. Their unique design can eliminate the need for external plumbing, while reducing the possibility of leaks.

These flexible, reliable valves offer high-performance capabilities in compact applications, making them ideal for use in medical applications.

Humphrey Products Cartridge Valve Features

Our 10mm and 12mm miniature cartridge-style pneumatic solenoid valves can be used in various applications and devices. The cartridge valve is made to adapt and is an excellent choice for compact single- and multiple-valve piping solutions.

Humphrey Products cartridge-style valve features include:

  • Two-way and three-way types
  • Normally open and normally closed functions
  • High-flow capacity
  • Unlimited porting flexibility in compact spaces
  • Fast-acting solenoid response times
  • Lightweight, 11 or 19.5 grams
  • Quiet switching

Benefits of Using Cartridge Valves

Easy installation: Cartridge valves integrate into manifold blocks that are designed with pneumatic passageways, and eliminating need for pneumatic fittings and tubing.

Compact size:  Cartridge valves are smaller and lighter than traditional pneumatic valves, minimizing the weight and mass of the device or equipment, making portable applications and reduced material handling possible.

Customizability: Cartridge valves can be integrated in a variety of functions allowing for simplified system design and operation.

Efficiency: Cartridge valves are designed with a minimum internal volume. Coupled with custom flow paths and volumes within the manifold, overall system efficiency can be improved.

Ease of maintenance: The cartridge design makes removing and replacing valves easy, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Humphrey Products offers cartridge-style valves and multiple cartridge valve subassemblies that are fully tested and ready to integrate into your device or equipment.

If your application has specific requirements that aren’t served by a standard cartridge valve, contact our Custom Valve Solutions team for additional options.

Red and white cartridge valve for medical applications

Understanding Solenoid Valves

What Is a Direct-Acting Solenoid Valve?

It’s a device used to control the flow of fluids, such as gases and liquids. Direct-acting solenoid valves convert electrical energy into magnetic energy to control the media flow through its ports. The valves have a copper coil, a plunger and a valve seat, or seal.

When electricity flows through the coil of a direct-acting solenoid valve, it produces an electro-magnetic field that attracts the plunger, drawing it away from the valve seat. That instantaneous event opens the valve so fluid can flow through. Once the electrical current is removed, the plunger returns to its original position, closing the valve.


Common Direct-Acting Solenoid Valve Applications

Factory automation: Direct-acting solenoid valves are suitable for industrial automation in manufacturing plants and assembly lines to control the flow of air, vacuum pressure, gases, fluids and chemicals for robotics, fixturing, test and measurement, cleaning and sanitizing.

Pneumatic and hydraulic systems: The valve’s ability to handle compressed and hydraulic fluids makes it ideal for enabling rapid actuation of cylinders and other actuation components.

Medical devices: Analytical systems, fluid control equipment and other medical devices that require control of liquids or gases for patient handling and medical procedures.

Automotive: Direct-acting solenoid valves can be used in fuel, transmission, braking and engine control systems to regulate fuel, oil, compressed air and other fluids.

HVAC systems: Solenoid valves can control refrigerants, air and water regulation, condensers and air-handling equipment in heating and ventilation systems.


Benefits of Direct-Acting Solenoid Valves

The top benefits of using a direct-acting solenoid valve include:

  • A compact, lightweight design
  • Simple operation
  • Application versatility
  • Energy efficiency
  • Responsiveness and reliability
  • Precision fluid control
  • Immune to pressure fluctuations


Types of Direct-Acting Solenoid Valves from Humphrey Products

Humphrey offers a broad, comprehensive line-up suitable for a variety of gas and fluid control needs:

  • Two and Three Way Types, Normally Open and Normally Closed at rest
  • Four Way, Directional Control Types
  • ON/OFF Types and Proportional (Variable) Control Types
  • Compressed Air, Vacuum, Mild Liquids and Gases, or Aggressive Liquids and Gases
  • Miniature, Small and Large Sizes (Flow Capacity)


Our Custom Valve Solutions

Humphrey Products has the expertise to provide custom valve solutions you need to suit your exact application requirements. We have decades of experience producing fluid-handling and pneumatic control valves and valve systems and thrive on collaborating on an engineering peer-to-peer level. We utilize advanced engineering tools to tailor our extensive selection of proven valve designs and sealing technologies.

Humphrey’s Life Science Group is dedicated to creating medical valve solutions for pneumatic and liquid control components and systems. Solutions for oxygen concentrators, respiratory devices, diagnostic devices, patient handling, medical device reprocessing and dialysis equipment have been successfully produced.

Browse our solenoid valve products and contact us to request more information.

General purpose direct-acting solenoid valves

HK5/HKL5 Miniature Diaphragm Poppet Valve Offers Practical Solution for Alternate Media Application

HK5/HKL5 Miniature Diaphragm Poppet Valve The unique construction of the direct-acting HK5 solenoid valve makes it ideal for use in precise applications for clean, dry air, alternate media, and inert operation.

The miniature diaphragm poppet design flexes as it shifts, eliminating the need for sliding seals, seal wear, and metal-on-metal contact. This design ensures media integrity over a long service life.

View Catalog


Solenoid Valves Offer Application Flexibility

The HK5 and HKL5 diaphragm valve series is a compact, flexible solution for controlling gases and fluids. Its multipurpose function and flexible construction make the solenoid valve series user-friendly. The design can offer zero leakage in specific applications. The HKL5 model is designed for compatible liquids and gases found in analytical instrument applications. Download the brochure for more information.

Download Brochure


HK5 and HKL5 Miniature Solenoid Valve Features

The Humphrey HK5 Series 2-way & 3-way, single solenoid valve provides performance and versatility for multi-media applications.

Product advantages:

  • Diaphragm-poppet design is inert to media
  • Versatile plumbing, electrical, and mounting features
  • Quiet operation 
  • Multi-function: 2-way or 3-way, normally closed or normally open, diverter or selector 
  • Excellent flow characteristics for a small, light, compact component: 85 LPM at 100 psi
  • Direct operating: stable performance throughout the spectrum of 28” Hg to 100 psi
  • Multi-million life cycle
  • RoHS compliant
  • Made in the USA

Application advantages:

  • Media is isolated from the solenoid
  • All wetted surfaces are inert materials
  • Low leakage with bubble-tight applications available


A Track Record of High-Quality Solenoid Valve Applications

Humphrey’s HK5/HKL5 Miniature Diaphragm-Poppet Valve has years of experience with difficult applications. Several Engineered Solution designs have been developed and centered around the flexibility and capabilities of the HK5.

Learn more with our case history illustrations of satisfied customer applications:

Optimize Your Equipment Performance with the Super Quick Exhaust Valve

Super Quick Exhaust Valve Applications, Benefits & Features

Our super quick exhaust valve is renowned for its responsiveness, extremely high flow capacity and long service life. This valve is designed to enhance the performance of corresponding pneumatic valves and cylinders.

Features of the Super Quick Exhaust Valve

  • Rugged, simple design
  • Engineered molded rubber shuttle
  • Long life cycle
  • Extremely high flow capacity
  • Quick dump of exhausting air for highspeed cycling
  • Versatile: function as quick exhaust, shuttle, check or speed controller

Super Quick Exhaust Valve Applications

This durable exhaust valve is well-suited for applications that require fast response times, precision pressure control and efficiency.

Exhaust valves can be used in:

  • Manufacturing equipment to manage the movement of robotic arms, conveyor belts and automated systems
  • Pneumatic systems that deal with compressed air to rapidly release pressure and control actuators, cylinders and other pneumatic components
  • Emergency stop systems to halt movement in machinery and help prevent accidents and injuries
  • Transportation systems to handle the movement of doors and other components

Benefits of Using a Super Quick Exhaust Valve

Improved response times: Systems can respond faster to changes in input because this valve allows compressed air or gas out rapidly. That’s important in applications where speed is critical, such as manufacturing and automation.

Improved efficiency: A super quick exhaust valve reduces energy consumption and operating costs by releasing pressure promptly and efficiently. It also prevents pressure buildup, which may damage equipment and cause safety hazards.

Improved Control of Media: A super quick exhaust valve incorporated in system design can sense pressure differential and respond immediately with controlled redirected flow.

Longer lifespan: The efficiency of a super quick exhaust valve is designed to drop pressure immediately to reduce wear and tear on system components, extending the lifespan of the system as a whole.

Increased safety: Emergency stop systems and safety controls require fast response times. Use of a super quick exhaust valve can de-energize the system immediately minimizing the risk of accidents, equipment damage and injuries.

Contact a member of the Humphrey Products team to learn more about our quick exhaust valves.

Download Product Info
Silver and 3-port super quick exhaust valves by Humphrey Products

What’s the Right Elastomer for Your Application?

Fluoroelastomer (FKM) vs Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)

Fluorinated, carbon-based synthetic rubber materials, known as fluoroelastomer or FKM, emerged as a popular choice for high-performance seals in the late 1950s. Those materials can withstand temperatures greater than 200°C and are still used to manufacture O-rings, seals and gaskets for automotive, aerospace, energy and other industries.

In the 1970s, DuPont™ introduced Kalrez®, a perfluoroelastomer or FFKM compound, as the gold standard elastomer for high-performance seals in aggressive media environments. FFKM has since been enhanced for even greater performance and is more widely available.

What is a Perfluoroelastomer?

FFKM has a fluorinated backbone and higher fluorine content than the FKM compound, which allows for greater material elasticity. It also has a higher temperature rating of up to 325°C. FFKM has a nearly universal chemical compatibility, making it an ideal choice for challenging applications.

Advantages of a Perfluoroelastomer

Due to its superior inert properties, FFKM resists volume swell when exposed to more than 1,800 chemicals, solvents and plasmas. FFKM can also withstand the harshest conditions, including those found in medical applications where aggressive agents and steam are used for sterilization and semiconductor manufacturing where oxygen plasma is present.

Because of those advantages, FFKM parts are a viable choice for chemical processing, aerospace, oil and gas exploration, paint and ink production, water and irrigation, life science, medical, and food manufacturing and processing applications.

FKM & FFKM Elastomers Available at Humphrey Products

Humphrey Products has offered FKM as a temperature and chemical compatibility sealing option on their industrial and specialty valves for many years. 

Today, Humphrey offers an FFKM diaphragm option for our 350 Series 2-port and 370 Series 3-port iDP aggressive media solenoid valves. We’ve paired the FFKM diaphragm option with our inert Radel® body material to ensure our iDP valves can safely control the most difficult liquid and gas media, including reagents, chemicals, cleaners, and even steam.

Trust the long-term, proven performance of FFKM parts to reduce the frequency of seal changes, lower inspection and repair costs, improve equipment uptime and increase productivity and yield.

For more information, contact Humphrey Products online or call 1.800.477.8707.

iDP Diaphragm Isolation Valves for Dialysis Treatment

Home hemodialysis continues to gain traction as an industry standard by providing the opportunity for more frequent treatments, possibly even while the patient sleeps, for a dramatically improved quality of life.

For over 20 years, dialysis equipment makers have chosen Humphrey Products' diaphragm isolation valves as an effective and dependable fluid control solution. Today, they are the obvious choice of equipment meant for the home.


iDP Kidney Dialysis Valve Features

Constructed simply for reliability and with a variety of materials compatible for water purification, pH level control and cleaning fluids, Humphrey iDP kidney dialysis valves are offered in 2- or 3-port solenoid valves and either digital or proportional control.

Fluid temperature, flow capacity and maximum pressure ratings have been optimized for dialysis treatment, and the diaphragm isolation valve operator is encapsulated to perform in dry or humid environments.


How iDP Valve Modifications Improve Performance

Additional features for our diaphragm isolation valve meet the demands of more diverse dialysis applications.

New features include:

  • FFKM elastomer for high-temperature compatibility, including steam
  • Compact manifold mount type for overall space savings in equipment
  • Stepper-operated proportional valve for precision variable flow control of fluids
  • High-pressure option can control fluid media up to 80 psi

New attributes to iDP valves were developed to meet various hemodialysis requirements and have given us a high market share in the industry.


Humphrey iDP Valves Boost Home Hemodialysis

The Humphrey iDP kidney dialysis valves have contributed to the success of new equipment targeted specifically for home hemodialysis.  Their selection was based on a proven history of performance and reliability in dialysis equipment.

Recent features added to the iDP kidney dialysis valve series were a direct result of the needs of equipment for the home to improve patient independence and overall quality of life.

Call 1.800.477.8707 or contact us online for more information on our iDP kidney dialysis valves.

Diverse Solenoid Valve Applications

Humphrey Products has specialized in making direct-acting pneumatic solenoid valves for more than 60 years. Our Balanced Solenoid Valve Series offer universal functionality for various solenoid valve applications, thanks to compact sizes and flexible designs.


Balanced Solenoid Valve Features

Our Balanced Valve Series includes several models that have:

  • Multi-purpose piping: pipe any valve for vacuum, low or high pressure, and as normally closed or open, diverter or selector
  • 2-, 3- and 4-port solenoid valve configurations
  • Individual valve or manifold mount models
  • 15-, 19- and 25-mm sizes (1/8, 1/4 and 3/8 pipe ports)
  • Excellent flow capacity
  • Industry low leak rates
  • Environmentally protected models (IP67 ingress protection)


Benefits of Using Humphrey’s Balanced Solenoid Valves

Developed with equipment makers in mind, the Balanced Valve Series’ design is simple, reliable and cost-effective.  The flexible, direct-acting pressure-balanced construction makes each valve ideal for a long cycle life in a variety of applications.

Watch our video for a detailed analysis, and contact us to learn more about our products.

Humphrey Products to Showcase Medtech Valves at MD&M West 2023

The Humphrey Products team will be in Anaheim, California at the MD&M West 2023 medtech conference from February 7-9, 2023. Medical design manufacturers, innovators and industry leaders will come together to learn about new technology, build relationships and network.

Humphrey Products will join hundreds of other industry experts, engineers and thought leaders to highlight our innovative proportional and solenoid valve solutions. We will be at booth 1525 for the duration of the trade show.

We will showcase liquid handling and valve applications, including our:

The team looks forward to making new professional connections and continuing to build existing partnerships to better serve our customers. Add us to your Show Planner online here.

Call 1-800-477-8707 or contact Humphrey Products online for product and service information.


Humphrey is recognized as a leading producer of pneumatic and liquid control products, serving organizations worldwide. With expertise in a wide range of industries and proven valve technology, the company is able to engineer unique solutions for medical applications, analytical equipment, commercial and industrial operations and more.


MD&M West brings together medtech engineers, business leaders, disruptive companies and innovative thinkers to create powerful solutions and life-changing medical devices.

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