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Medical Device Reprocessing Solutions

A Trusted Valve Partner for Medical Devices

Medical device reprocessing is a critical aspect of providing excellent patient care. When the time comes to clean, retest, and refurbish a medical device to resume service, having the right valve solutions in place will ensure superior performance and continue that high standard you set for machine quality.

Each medical device boasts its own unique features that contribute to improving the lives of others. Keeping this in mind, the pneumatic components of your systems also deserve custom-engineered valves that can work within your system requirements while performing key redundant functions like flow control and leak prevention.

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Benefits of Our Medical Device Reprocessing Solutions

Humphrey Products is a longtime innovator in the medical device industry. We specialize in developing custom valves for a broad range of equipment that professionals use each day to improve and save the lives of others. Like you, we share a mission to help these people provide a better quality of care to their patients.

  • We apply our proven valve technology to your unique system design, ensuring seamless integration.
  • Our team of engineers combines decades of experience to be a true partner to our clients from the earliest stages in the development cycle.
  • Each solution developed for our clients is fully compliant with all relevant industry regulations and best practices.
  • Our valves are easy to clean, maintain, and replace if needed. Never has maintaining your system’s pneumatic components been more seamless.

Proven Medical Device Technology

Using our proven development and manufacturing methods, we are able to provide the highest quality valves at the most affordable prices possible. This results in valve solutions that offer superior material construction, far lower leak rates, and improved energy efficiency.

Our product portfolio and engineering capabilities enable our team to develop solutions that offer customizable flow rates, compliance with spatial limitations, efficient current consumption, and endurance to facilitate redundant processes.

Our Life Science Group strives to serve as your single-source provider for all pneumatic flow control requirements as you continue innovating the medical device industry.

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Popular Device Reprocessing Solutions

Application Waste/System Solutions

Proportional Solenoid Valves

iDP 350/351 and 370/371

These inert solenoid valves are purposely engineered to control aggressive liquids and gases in the harshest environments. The flexing diaphragm poppet design isolates the solenoid from media penetration, while the inert body material ensures long life and sustained performance.
idp 350 & 351idp 370-31


    Custom-Engineered Valve Solutions

    We believe that medical device manufacturers need valve solutions that can integrate with their designs rather than work around them. Instead of providing you with a catalog of stock models, our team will work backward from your system design so that your valves enhance product performance, not hinder it.

    Our team acts as a true extension to your in-house engineering team to offer trusted collaboration, a combination of core skills, and an aligned purpose with your own. We share your mission to offer the most innovative medical devices possible, and that is reflected in our commitment throughout the entire product development cycle.

    Our Process

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    We start by working at a peer-to-peer level with your in-house engineering team from the earliest stages in the design process so that we can understand your specific project requirements.

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    We develop multiple concepts based on your specifications and will recommend a design that provides the most optimal benefits for what your product needs.

    solution oxygen 


    We develop a finalized design with our proven Humphrey valve technology as our team assists you with transitioning seamlessly from prototyping to production.

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    Your solution is implemented and we remain a close partner for any future needs and developments. We will continue to explore new options for reducing costs to you.

    Get the Right Valve Solutions for Medical Device Reprocessing

    We help bring your vision for medical device reprocessing to life by providing consistently reliable custom valves for your system requirements. Click the button below to request more information about our medical valve solutions.

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    Real-Life Applications for Medical Device Reprocessing Solutions

    Want to see our products in action? View and download our case study.