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Proportional Control Regulators

ProControl Regulator Series

Humphrey has added Electronic Pressure Regulators to our ProControl™ line up as a logical expansion to our growing family of proportional solenoid valves. These electronic regulators provide outstanding performance, versatility and value in the precise control of pressure. 

The ProControl™ regulator series is offered for low (PCRL) or high-volume flow rates (PCRH).  They precisely sustain outlet pressure, particularly during dynamic changes in downstream flow rates.

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ProControl Regulators


ProControl™ Regulator Series Features

ProControl™ Series Regulators provide closed-loop proportional pressure control by incorporating a unique, dual proportional valve design. This design achieves superior pressure regulation control, including:

  • Quiet operation: This is ideal for any work environment, particularly medical and laboratory applications.
  • Long service life: Humphrey’s electronic pressure regulators outlast competitive models using ON/OFF valves for supply or venting control.
  • Greater responsiveness: This ensures stability at dynamic inlet and outlet pressure applications.


High And Low Flow Electronic Regulators

ProControl™ Series Electronic Pressure Regulators are offered in two types. The direct-acting PCRL low flow electronic pressure regulator maintains precise downstream pressure in dynamic upstream and downstream applications. The pilot operated PCRH high flow regulator can maintain downstream pressure with flows up 600 SLPM.  

Both high and low flow electronic regulators provide analog control circuitry that compensates for dynamic changes in output pressure, offering fast, accurate, closed-loop pressure control characteristics.

Exhaust port of PCRL low flow regulators can be plugged with a Humphrey PF fitting to allow non-relieving type functions.

ProControl Regulator Series Uses

Typical applications include: 

  • Direct control of pressurized air and inert gases (consult factory for special gases and liquids)
  • Precise control of small-bore cylinders
  • Medical/analytical applications
  • Leak testing
  • Packaging

For more information about the ProControl™ Regulators, visit our Online Catalog or download the ProControl Pressure Regulator Brochure.