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Humphrey Pressure Regulators

Humphrey features the ProControl™ Electronic Pressure Regulators to provide exceptional closed-loop downstream pressure control.

Incorporating a dual proportional valve approach, the analog circuitry compensates for dynamic changes in downstream pressure. Our exceptional design controls input compressed air pressure to its exact desired output pressure.

Humphrey Electronic Pressure Regulators boast:

  • Improved responsiveness for changes with inlet and outlet pressures 
  • Quiet operation, ideal medical and laboratory applications
  • Extended service life when compared to competitive models 
  • Superior performance versus regulators with ON/OFF venting valves

Additionally, Humphrey offers a miniature pressure regulator to compliment their TAC Series Pneumatic Logic Component lineup.

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Pressure Regulators


ProControl Electronic Pressure Regulators


The direct-acting PCRL low flow electronic pressure regulator maintains precise downstream pressure in dynamic upstream and downstream applications.

The pilot operated PCRH high flow regulator can maintain downstream pressure with flows up 600 LPM.

ProControl™ Regulators feature proportional venting valves to eliminate high cycle rates of ON/OFF venting valves, providing:

  • Excellent resolution
  • Extended product life
  • Noise reduction

Humphrey’s electronic pressure regulators are available with various levels of LPM flow capacity. All models provide three ports for air and inert gases.

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ProControl Electronic Pressure Regulators

Specifications PCRL - Low Flow PCRH - High Flow
Media Air or inert gases
(Consult factory for O2, other gas and liquid media.)
Pressure Ranges 0~50 PSIG (3.4 bar); 0~100 PSIG (6.8 bar)
Ambient Temperature Range 32º to 158ºF (0º to 70ºC)
Cv 0.02 0.30
Response Time (full span) 1 second
Pressure Accuracy (typical) +/- 0.5% or less (Full Span)
Linearity (typical) +/- 0.5% or less (Full Span)
Connections 10-32 UNF Supply & Outlet: 1/4” PIPE Relief: 10-32 UNF
Filtration 40 Micron Recommended
Weight 0.6 0.8
Internal Valve Wetted Materials Cold-rolled stainless steel w/electroless nickel plating, brass, 304 and 403 stainless steel, FKM seals, Nylon, 6000 Series Aluminum


Electrical Specifications  
Control Signals 0~5V, 0~10V
Output Signal 0~5V
Power Supply 12VDC or 24VDC
Power Consumption (mA) 200(maximum)



TAC Miniature Pressure Regulators


TAC Miniature Regulator is compact with a high flow capacity of 22 CFM at 100 psi for air and inert gases. 
Model specs:

  • Regulates downstream pressures to 125psi 
  • Maximum supply pressure of 150psi
  • Panel mount using 15/32-32 threads or hard mount to manifold with 1/8 pipe supply port
  • Dual 10-32 UNF outlet ports for function and pressure gage
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TAC Miniature Pressure Regulator


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