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Inert Diaphragm Poppet Liquid Valves

New Proportional iDP Valve – 390 and 391 Series

The iDP Series has expanded to include two more aggressive media valves. The diaphragm-isolated 390 series, 2-port proportional valve delivers a variable output flow of aggressive chemicals and cleaning fluids – from a corresponding variable input current to its solenoid.

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iDP Valve

Similar to the 350 series ON/OFF direct solenoid valve in flow, size and shape, the 390 is the first of its kind in proportional control. For example, users of the 390 Series may now control liquid chemical flow “rate” under variable pressure conditions, or may vary the chemical dilution when mixing with water.

Available as inline or as manifold mount and to upstream pressure settings of 10, 20 and 40 psig.

The small, 2-way, 300 Series iDP is comprised of a PEEK body material, and either Viton®GF or EPDM diaphragm, configured into an inline and manifold mount. 

The high flow, 2-way, 350 and 3-way 370 Series iDP is also available inline and manifold mount and comprised of either Radel® or Ultem® body material, and Viton®GF or EPDM diaphragm. 

Acquired in 2015 from South Bend Controls, through Curtiss Wright Corporation, the Humphrey iDP Series of inert Diaphragm Poppet valves contain features ideal for hazardous liquid applications. iDP valves are constructed with material suitable for bodily fluids, aggressive chemicals and cleaning fluids, and elevated liquid temperatures. The engineered diaphragm feature isolates the liquid media from the solenoid element ensuring long life and sustained performance. Valves are field-proven with years of experience in applications such as kidney dialysis and analytical chemistry, including hematology.

Humphrey iDP valves are inert to these hazardous conditions unaffected by hostile liquids and gases, and elevated temperatures.

For more information on the Proportional iDP 390 Series, please visit our Online Catalog or download the updated iDP brochure. Our other iDP valves can be found here as well as in the updated brochure. 

Complimentary Test & Evaluation valve samples are available for qualifying applications.