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Custom Valve Solutions: Material Handling and Conveyors

Humphrey was the first to develop a material handling device that effectively integrates pneumatic, electrical and electronic zone control mechanisms. This innovative solution enables original equipment manufacturers and end-users alike to minimize installation and labor time, and maximize conveyor control alternatives.

Humphrey was also the first to integrate electronics to achieve brake, clutch, dual-zone sensing and sleep control functionality. Given our industry expertise and extensive product catalog, Humphrey is a valuable outsourcing partner for your pneumatic material handling needs.

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material handling conveyors

Instead of mechanical sensors the conveyor uses photo eye/reflectors and a solenoid valve to control each zone. The photocell/valve system provides greater sensitivity to lightweight cartons, plus the adjustable time delay eliminates unnecessary valve actuation, reducing ambient noise level.

A conveyor manufacturer wanted to replace a noisy mechanical actuation system with a photocell/valve system that was easy to retrofit. Humphrey redesigned an existing solenoid valve assembly to achieve low current consumption and permit fast retrofit.

Custom P3040 Valve

In operation, cartons pass over belt-driven cam rollers. A metered restriction in the N740A valve body limits the depletion of the air bag. The spring tensioner reactivates the valve before the drive disengages, and replenishes the bag.

When the carton stops on the cam roller, the Humphrey N740A valve is held open long enough to exhaust the air bag. This disengages the drive belt from the rollers, and creates a cascade effect along the entire conveyor line.

Custom N740A Valve

Custom Valve Assembly for Conveyor

Humphrey's custom valve modules provide actuator control to divert product on a custom designed conveyor system.

A manufacturer of custom materials handling conveyor systems wanted to reduce costs, enhance performance, improve functionality, and reduce size. Humphrey designed a manifold body that provided a unique, contemporary look while reducing material costs.

3-Way, 4-Way Valves with Quick Exhaust on Custom Manifold

Multiple Custom Valve Modules for Conveyors

Pallets are transported on a series of parallel roller chains, which are supported by inflated air bags. Air bags in each "zone" are kept inflated by air flowing through a "normally open" valve. When a pallet is oriented the wrong way, the edge contacts a sensor arm. The arm is forced down onto the actuator plunger in the valve. This simultaneously diverts the airflow and quickly exhausts the air bag, lowering the chain and stopping the pallet.

A conveyor manufacturer's plastic valve with multiple components is a potential source of problems. Humphrey designed a single metal valve assembly to deliver improved reliability and superior performance.

Custom 2-Position, 3-Way Valve

Custom Valve Assembly for Conveyor

Humphrey's custom pendant control system enables addition of more than two buttons. This eliminates the need to mount a remote function button elsewhere on the equipment.

A manufacturer of air balancing equipment wanted to enhance its existing control handle. Humphrey redesigned the manifold assembly to achieve lighter actuation force and more reponsive metering.

Custom P3148D Pendant Control Valve

Pendant Control System

A major manufacturer of accumulation conveyor systems wanted to replace its existing mechanically actuated pneumatic valve controls system with a photoelectric sensor-actuated valve control.Custom Control Valve for Conveyors

Humphrey designed a valve assembly that incorporated DIP switches to enable a user to manually change the conveyor logic mode.

Custom Control Valve for Conveyors

Custom Control Valve for Conveyors