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Humphrey Focuses on Mobility and Custom Solutions

We strive to bring the most innovated solutions to our customers. We recognize that many industries are continuously changing and several markets are under the scrutiny of a number of growing regulations. This is why we offer custom solutions that meet your needs and we will work with you to design a valve that accommodates all of your special requests. We offer fast response times and it has been our mission to create new products that are energy efficient and compact in size for improved mobility.  Our customized solutions come with reduced costs and reduced assembly times.

Across many industries there is a need to make more solutions portable. We have responded to this need by turning away from manufacturing our products with heavier materials while not compromising the reliability of the valve. For example, our custom valve manifold was designed for a portable oxygen concentrator application. This device resulted in a lightweight solution which eliminated the need for cumbersome oxygen tanks and allowed the user who required the oxygen to have more freedom.  With over 100 years of experience we have a committed to providing our customers with the very best and latest technology.

To learn more about Humphrey's custom solutions, visit our library of case histories ranging from the medical devices to railroad equipment.