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Check Out Our New Online Catalog

Humphrey Products is excited to introduce our new and improved online valve catalog, featuring an enhanced user experience.

The catalog highlights our full collection of over 8,000 industry-leading pneumatic solenoid, air piloted, manual and specialty valves and is designed to appeal to Design Engineers and Valve Buyers searching for the perfect valve to suit their needs.

Easily searchable categories include:

·      2-Way, 3-Way, and 4-Way Valves

·      Check, Shuttle and /Quick Exhaust Valves

·      Pneumatic Regulators

·      Flow Control Valves

·      TAC Miniature Fittings

·      Pneumatic Logic  Controls – TAC System


Intuitive navigation

Because our product line is so extensive, we made it easy to find what you are looking for—and to compare features of similar products.

For that reason, we’ve developed a “narrow results” menu, found on the sidebar of each page of the catalog.

Sort by media, by valve function, size, piping type, operator type, voltage, and more. 

Once sorted, you have your choice of how you’d like to view the products—visually, with images in a grid, or in a list view.

We’ve also included a side by side comparison feature, easily accessible by clicking the products you want to compare.


When you know partial or complete part numbers

We have two search fields; the auto-complete search function (top right), and the narrow results search function (at left).

At the Product Detail Page

In addition to detailed product specifications on each valve, you may   

·      Download CAD drawings

·      View 3D models

·      See related items and accessories

·      Access support documentation

·      Request a quote

·      And more

Take a test drive and let us know how we can make it even better!


Beyond the catalog

Regardless of how extensive our catalog, we know that there are times when something “off the shelf” will just not do.  For those occasions, our Engineered Solutions group is here to help. We offer complete pneumatic and fluid handling system design, development and production capabilities and are uniquely qualified to assist on projects where standard catalog components fall short.  Learn more here.