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15mm Pilot Valve

A15 Series Pilot Valve

The Humphrey A15 Series Pilot Valve is perfect for equipment or device makers requiring electronically controlled pneumatic signals. This compact 15mm valve has excellent flow of 0.05 Cv and a low 2.5 Watt power consumption. 

Available in normally closed or normally open configurations, the A15 Series has two available electrical entries of either lead wires or Mini-DIN in 12VDC or 24VDC. 

The valves feature fluorocarbon seals and an encapsulated coil affixed to a molded valve body made of PPS. All valves are registered CE, and are RoHS and REACH compliant.

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A15 halfsection

3/2 Normally Closed

1 = Supply IN; 2 = Common Out; 3 = Exhaust Port

For more information, visit the Online Catalog or download the A15 Series Pilot Valves datasheet

Complimentary Test & Evaluation valve samples are available for qualifying applications.


A15 NO half section

3/2 Normally Open

1 = Supply IN; 2 = Common Out; 3 = Exhaust Port