Select Your Valve by Type

Direct Acting Solenoid

Broad range of solenoid valves with poppet and diaphragm poppet designs for reliable, quiet operation. Direct acting design permits operation at high or low pneumatic pressure and vacuum. Some models suitable for liquid service, including aggressive media.

Proportional Solenoid

ProControl Series. Small, 2-port, direct-acting flow control valves. As input current to the solenoid varies, the output flow of the valve varies accordingly. Permits precise control of downstream flow or pressure.

Indirect Acting Solenoid

Range of single and double solenoid types that provide higher flow with minimum pressure requirements for the internal pilot function. Available in diaphragm poppet design, which requires no lubrication, or poppet and spool designs.

Air Pilot Series

Pneumatically actuated valves for actuator control, relay pilot signals and/or amplification of smaller pilot signals. Available in diaphragm poppet types, which require no lubrication, or poppet and spool types.

Manual & Mechanical

Basic pneumatic valves for ON-OFF control, clamping, pilot signaling and logic signaling. Available with palm actuator, foot actuator, levers, toggles, ball, plunger, roller cam and one-way roller cam operators.

TAC Series

Total Air Control system of miniature valves, actuators and accessories for pneumatic controls and logic systems to create time delay circuits, one-shot, reset, and ballpoint pen functions.


Unique diaphragm design requires no lubrication, is contamination tolerant for non-sticking performance. Available with manual/mechanical, piloted or solenoid actuators.

Cartridge Insert

Diaphragm poppet cartridge valves are designed specifically for incorporation into OEM products to become a proprietary and unrecognizable component.

Quick Exhaust

Humphrey Super Quick Exhausts are world renowned for service life and high flow.