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Blowtype DTRY Ionizer SeriesBlowtype

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Blowtype DTRY Ionizer SeriesBlowtype



ionizer The Static Electricity Removing Unit Ionizers meet the need of pinpoint to wide-area static charge removal by releasing positive and negative ions alternately using the high frequency AC method (68,000 Hz).

The Blow Type Ionizers (DTRY-ELB01, DTRY-ELB02, DTRY-ELL01) can remove static charges with pinpoint accuracy.

These units can be used with low voltage DC power supply due to the use of a compact high voltage transformer.

The Compact Blow Type (DTRY-ELL01) is 30% smaller and 35% lighter than the standard Blow Type DTRY-ELB01, allowing more installable space.

Various nozzles enable static charge removal for a broader range of workpieces.

Accessories are available under the SPECIFY AND ORDER section.


  • Blow Type
    • DTRY-ELB01 Single Head Type
    • DTRY-ELB02 Double Head Type
    • DTRY-ELL01 Single Head Compact Type
  • Nozzles and Tips
    • Standard Nozzle
    • Flat Nozzle
    • Free Mounting L-shaped Bar Nozzle
    • Bender Nozzle
    • Straight Bar Nozzle
    • U-shaped Nozzle
    • Stainless Steel Pipe Nozzle
    • L-shaped Bar Nozzle
    • Spiral Bar Nozzle
    • Shower Nozzle

The Learn More section offers additional information including technical guide and current catalog for the Ionizer Series.