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3P, 3V, 3VR 3 Way TAC Valve Series

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3P, 3V, 3VR 3 Way TAC Valve Series



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3P 10-32 UNF orifice — 7 CFM at 125 psig.


Two position - spring return or detented.

Pressure rating — 0-125 psig

  • Normally closed.
  • IN and CYL port is #10-32 female. EXH port is not threaded.
  • Actuator types are: (P) push button (shown), (V) vertical lever with detent, (VR) spring return vertical lever/toggle.
  • Push Button (P) types may be used as push button or will accept various manual/mechanical or air pilot actuators.
  • Available in metric sizes (prefix E). Consult factory.
  • Fast cycling — 900 CPM
  • Mount in any position using panel mounting threads at actuator end (mounting nuts furnished) or mounting brackets.