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PC10 Performance Chart

The Humphrey ProControl Series are proportional valves.  Adjusting input voltage, or current to a proportional valve results in a corresponding output media flow. The miniature ProControl PC10 has precise control up to 65 liters per minute.  Three orifice sizes are available:  0.040”, 0.060” and 0.090”.

The 0.040” orifice PC10 can be specified with a maximum pressure rating of either 25, 50 or 100 psi.
Here is the performance chart of the orifice size at the pressure ratings available. 


PC10 40 chart

NOTE: the right side portion of each curve corresponds to current and flow increasing  and the left side of each curve corresponds to current and flow decreasing.



See New Products Information/Downloads menu on left for more information about ProControl proportional valves or visit the Online Product Configurator for the ProControl PC10 Proportional Valve.