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Free Valve Offer (Form Below)

This special offer is to the OEM design engineer seeking to test and qualify valves for a current problem or upcoming project. Offer is limited to a selection from four proven product families of unique Humphrey direct acting solenoid valve technology. 

These valves are specifically developed for the equipment or device manufacturer requiring reliable, cost effective control of fluid media in their product... from basic compressed air and vacuum pressure through, to the more difficult control of liquid chemicals and cleaning agents. Compact in construction and designed for flexibility, the valves can be engineered to fit in when space is constrained.

Interested engineers are requested to complete the form below and submit. Alternately, download the fax form here; or call 1-800-477-8709 to speak with a sales representative.

A Humphrey factory representative will call to assist with valve selection and shipment.

Product families are:

Balanced Valve Series of compact 3- and 4-port solenoid valves, covering the full pressure spectrum of vacuum to 125psi air or inert gases. Valves are very low leak and multi-purpose. 

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iDP Series are media separated, direct acting solenoid valves specifically designed for  difficult chemicals and cleaning agents. Proven experience in applications such as dialysis and analytical instrumentation.

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ProControl Valve Series: Proportionally controlled solenoid valves. Variable current applied to the solenoid delivers a corresponding variable output flow of compressed air or inert gas.

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HK5 Miniature Solenoid Valves are derived from our proven heritage of diaphragm-poppet valve technology. No Leak. No Stick. Extremely flexible design fits into tight spaces.

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