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New Valve Products

Humphrey is committed to developing new valve solutions suitable for several markets and applications. 

Our Balanced Solenoid Valves have expanded to now include a 19mm (193) along with the 15mm (153). Larger but like the 153, the 193 was developed for maximum utility.  Each 3-port solenoid valve meets a variety of functions with its multi-purpose classification. It boasts significantly more flow than the 153 (0.65 Cv), while fitting into tight spaces with its 19mm size. 

Our new ProControl Valve Series provides variable flow proportional to the amount of current applied to the solenoid. Miniature PC3 is ideal for precise control up to 24 liters per minute flow, while the High Flow PC10 controls up to 65 liters per minute both at 25 PSIG, 50 PSIG and 100 PSIG pressure ratings. The inert construction of both valves makes them an ideal choice for many types of compressible media. View or download technical information at left.

Our new Pilot Valve Series delivers electrically controlled pneumatic interface signals tailored perfectly for the device or equipment maker. The miniature A10 Series Pilot Valve, and the small A15 Series Pilot Valve are manifold mount, low power and affordable. View or download technical information at left. 

The new L310 Latching Direct-Acting Solenoid Valve Series converts momentary electrical signals into maintained pneumatic states, either passing, or not passing. Ideal for applications demanding low power consumption and low heat generation. View or download technical information at left.