Humphrey Releases New 153 Balanced Solenoid Valve Series

Humphrey Products proudly announces the introduction of the 153 Balanced Solenoid Valve, the first edition in our latest generation of direct-acting valve technology. Watch our introductory video!

Developed for maximum utility, each 3-port solenoid valve meets a variety of functions with its multi-purpose classification. Its boasts significantly more flow (0.25 Cv), while fitting into tight spaces with its reduced 15mm size. Read more...

The 153 valve is a balanced-poppet design, which means all internal forces generated by the pressurized media have effectively been neutralized.  Expect the valve to have very stable performance regardless of the myriad of media fluctuations, mild contamination, or porting choices.  Plus, Humphrey’s stringent requirements for extremely low leak rates still apply — designed and tested 4ccm max at 100psi. 

Visit our 153 section to learn more about this series!

NEW!!! Watch the video of Paul Heney, editor of DesignWorld reviewed the 153 Balanced Solenoid Valve Series.